Towers, Nightmares, and a World Ravaged by War

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The Battle of the Mad Gods

Prior this week one of the most risky foes ever to assault Hellifyno attacked our reality, cutting a way of demolition over the land, until they were halted by the fortitude, penance, and intensity of the Blue Moon Tavern Heroes.

It started with the pioneers of a few strict cliques affecting their individuals to perform demonstrations of psychological warfare for the sake of their separate divinities. This brought about 24 hours of brutality and disorder as aficionados lashed bombs to their bodies and hustled into open spots, killing thousands mơ thấy rồng đánh con gì The following morning, the Gods themselves emerged to participate in the viciousness. Loki, Morpheus, Pele, Ereshkigal, Lamashtu, Tlaloc and Agau, immortals exemplifications of the powers of reality themselves, started annihilating planets, clearing out entire species, and crushing the universe.

And afterward they arrived on Hellifyno. Here they murdered and obliterated freely, cutting a way of devastation over the planet until they landed at the Blue Moon Tavern.

There they were met with a blended power of chivalrous people, and Hellifyno armed force units, who stood prepared to guard their dearest Tavern.

The resulting fight was wicked and edgy. A large number of officers were executed by the staggering intensity of the adversaries. It the tallness of threats it looked sure that the Heroes had lost and the planet was damned.

At that point Kayion Ravagarde and Devek Slayter showed up. They had no armed forces, they had no weapons, they had no military may to toss against the Gods. The sum total of what they had was the intensity of the void. That dangerous enchantment that devastates the very presence of anything it contacts.

They immediately utilized the void to wreck the armed forces of the Gods, and afterward to take on the strong gods themselves. Agau was wrapped in murkiness, Tlaloc was torn from the real world, and Ereshkigal was immediately dispatched. At that point Kayion enveloped Morpheus by an air pocket of void and abducted him. Seeing their allies tumbling to this new power, the remainder of the distraught Gods immediately got away from the war zone.

While it was a radiant triumph it came at an awful expenses. The Hellifyno armed force had been assaulted, with a huge number of indispensable fighters slaughtered in the activity, leaving the planets military flimsy and debilitated. The world itself was likewise crushed, with an immense pieces of land totally attacked by the might of these wild rivals.


Hellifyno has had a lot of environmental catastrophes in the course of the most recent couple of months of the Fae War. The last episode of catastrophes, in particular the animals of fire and a wide-scale heat waves, was the most noticeably terrible yet in the arrangement. The topsoil and vegetation has gradually been folded and gone to debris, making colossal residue storms for miles long. This dark colored residue is for the most part as fine as sand and saturates breaks and underneath entryways, accumulating in regions as “earth floats”.

Explorers have taken to wearing long shrouds, hoods and eyewear to keep the residue out of their eyes and mouths; others are advised to take these equivalent measures, as the earth in zones the glass beasts wander appear to have shards of glass in the flying trash. Biological discussions are in progress with regards to the genuine reason for these tempests, with some contending that the Midnight Court is controlling the inundation of solid, tropical storm power winds that drive the soil into the air and some contending that the planet has just had excessively long of a drought and is following into regular chaos.

Sanctuaries for the benefactor goddess of Hellifyno, Lady Echo, have been expanding as the individuals of the planet ask their friend in need to return and return nature to rights. We can dare to dream that Lady Echo will hear their supplications and by and by take up the mantle and battle for the planet’s recuperation.

Pushing Off the Wyrm

The Chronicle Society talked with Daloki in regards to her encounters in regards to Wyrm. She said she was dazed to discover that the Mark of Wyrm on her body had been idle for seven days, and that regardless she had every one of her forces due to her confidence in Wyrm. She presently concedes she had come to cherish the force and the murkiness that accompanied being one of Wyrm’s Faithful.

She says that what made her inquiry that confidence was hearing Jared Silverhide discussing the Never finishing Halls that anticipate him after his passing. That, and being seriously harmed, constrained her to consider her own passing, and the way that Wyrm would possess her spirit – which means she would be sent back to the Hells after death, an idea she was unable to persevere.

After seven days she was reconnected to the wellspring of vitality that has been a piece of her since early youth, vitality she calls the Song of Being. After this reconnection she step by step went to the understanding that she has a place with the Song, and not to Wyrm. Individually her Wyrm controls left her, as of not long ago her spirit and body are both liberated from his Taint, and the Mark is just a fine scar scratched on her chest.

Lamentably, the psychological impacts of her torment in the Hells have become progressively articulated again without Wyrm’s impact, yet at the same time, Daloki says, she would prefer to be as she is presently, than to be the property of Wyrm.

The Plague of Nightmares

A scourge of bad dreams has tormented the planet Hellifyno for right around seven days now. Bad dreams are generally not something to be upset about amidst an intergalactic war and environmental fiasco, however these are extremely unique bad dreams. People are awakening to wounds, genuine physical wounds that they continued from occasions coming to pass in their fantasies. There have been a great many reports of minor wounds, and even a couple hundred passings brought about by this abnormal wonder.

No one appears to know the reason for this scourge yet heavenly scholars are theorizing that it might be because of the catch of Morpheus, the Dream divinity, by Kayion Ravgarde during the epic clash of the Mad Gods. Morpheus is being held by Kayion in a jail of void. Doubters guarantee that inside such a jail Morpheus ought to be not able influence reality, anyway defenders of the hypothesis express that it may be conceivable, offered time, to misuse appears to be even in a jail comprising altogether of void.

No fix or treatment has been found albeit a few people have been taking medications that enable them to rest without entering the REM state which causes dreams. Anyway going with REM rest for a delayed timeframe can have serious negative mental outcomes.

Laryka’s Dreams

The inside of the bar was showered in the sprouts of cherry blooms, to the point that the legends inside were about swimming in petals by time the jail like bars smashed down. The legends were isolated into singular enclosures as the floor foamed and steam, warmed like the oil on the base of a fry container. Before all expectation was lost, through a green cloudiness the legends of the bar were shipped to somewhere else, maybe considerably some other time.

They ended up encompassed by people processing around towards obscure goals. However the groups were so think, the circumstance appeared to be almost claustrophobic. There were shadowed structures floating all through the groups striking low and grimy hits to the clueless saints, cutting with sharp edges, pricking with needles, swiping whatever they could get their hands on. Not realizing where to turn or whom to assault, the dissatisfaction developed among the saints. Without notice the sky started to rain, not water however gold coins…further adding to the mayhem of which the saints were confronting. Up to that point an inviting sight showed up in their middle, a solid and influential man looking like that of Donnagan. He supported their stores to battle and continue walking.

They tailed him until they wound up in what appeared to be a perpetual white, sterile passage. They tore, tore and cut into the dividers of which had drained. Inevitably they found an entryway. This entryway opened up into a surgeon’s room, fixed with beds involved by the injured and biting the dust. From the outset just the recuperating chaperons were assaulted however once they were done off the legends were following up for a fight.

In the wake of battling off these undead-like animals, to somewhere else they were lead. What’s more, remaining inside this white room again the saints were attacked however this time by an inconspicuous element. The imperceptible individual cut, sliced and insulted the saints until she was in the end looked with her very own draining injury. Her strides lead to her downfall, about each saint had a last shot at Laryka Dior in maverick structure yet it was Jared’s sharp edge that expelled her head from her body. With the fall of her body, not long after was the fall of a pinnacle embellished with Laryka’s face.

The Rebuilding of Jared Silverhide

After Kalina’s unbearable torment of Jared Silverhide, he was come back to Hellifyno a messed up and battered Lycan. Significantly after all the chivalrous deeds he partook in, it was still difficult to view his ghastly structure.

Our sources state that there were exchanges murmured discourses between Jared Silverhide and Head Medicus Laryka Dior. At that point one day the them two essentially took off together.

Gossipy tidbits returned saying that Jared had taken the Head Medicus into Halgan, the haven of the Silverhides. It is assumed that Jared and Laryka mined and fashioned substitution body parts from the incredible mineral of Wolfstone.

It appeared to be very evident of the hypothesis particularly after their protracted vanishing and all the more so after the return of Jared Silverhide a while later. He was entire once more.

Witnesses state that a while later he was knighted by the Seelie King Oberon. During this function, the forces of the Seelie Court mixed with the as of now fortified Wolfstone and the natural capacities present inside Silverhide blood of Jared; making him a much more prominent power to deal with.

This appears to come at a lucky time as murmurs headed out from ear to ear with reports that now Jared Silverhide is a hopeful dad with his mate Na’ahma Silverhide.

Teerys Dream Tower

For a considerable lot of the incessant benefactors of the Blue Moon bar, th

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