Music is the Secret We Must All Evolve Into – Striking the Tone of Truth

March 27, 2020 by No Comments

An unquestionable unutterable melody of incredible freedom flourishes inside every one of us. The remotely commonplace melodious tune, the moderately frightful drawing in harmony structure, the captivating effectively edible and astoundingly attractive agreeably actuated mood tenderly offers us to “come here; come back to that which thou doesn’t love and need so as to be free.” Dance. Sing. Be Merry. Celebrate in overpowering overwhelming delight, without the feeling of blame connected. For some obscure explanation, we deny and avoid the characteristic and advantageous tendency that so dauntingly draws us to grasp its acquired energy. We not just deny its call, we sublimate its unmistakable heavenly tone. We delay and quietly seethe, never intentionally understanding that we are removing the most profound longing of satisfying our spirits. Nothing else will do the trick. {Not family. Not sweethearts. Not job. Not instruction. Not fortune or acclaim. Not religion.} Nothing funky house mix Amusingly, we wind up feeling embarrassed for no clear explanation while encountering this ONE valuable want. We venture to such an extreme as to try and feel sorry not knowing why we can’t be fulfilled or quelled. The simple notice of the chance of entertaining ourselves with such unexpressed magnificence in Musical Rapture’s Repose of the Self welcomes on a peculiar misery. Yet, for what reason would it be a good idea for it to be that way? Obliviousness. Straightforward numbness. We just don’t have the foggiest idea how to get ourselves in completion. We design reasons, consistent clarifications concerning why we ‘feel’ a specific route or on exactly the same token, ‘Don’t feel anything by any stretch of the imagination.’ No issue the amount we dodge the issue or to what lengths we go to attempt to cover our intrinsic desires, the tune won’t be quieted.

We can not nor won’t have the option to get away from the melodic delight of the obvious ‘tune of uncelebrated self’. Constant tones ring out without definition or review. How can one perceive the arrival of that undulating remarkable tune? By and through the slight tilt of the head, the capricious motion of the hands, the sleep inducing movement of the eyes, the overwhelming attracting of the lips, the inebriating subtleties and emphases in the voice, the vigorous ricochet in one’s step incorporated and grasped in the totality of articulation showed all through one’s sexual erotic vitality set up and kept up in one’s body all through his/her lifetime.

Sexual Energy is the most noteworthy type of profound vitality accessible to humanity. It is Musical in nature. Indeed, the Music is in you… profound inside you, and it resonates through layers and layers and layers of circles vortexed in your center. The complex unequivocal pith of who and what you are emanates from this universal measurement. It’s Esoteric {hidden} Music talks just to you in a particular language of individual code and image. It’s hallowed baffling cloak remains firmly fixed and undisturbed until only you welcome its unambiguous nearness to make its habitation you. There have been times, very few and far in grouping, when the Musical entryway of reference stamped “Enter at thy claim hazard” propelled itself somewhat back, enough for you to enter in that, however you didn’t. You, indeed, came back to the tinsel universe of interruption and discontent.

In any case, you were not discharged previously and without hearing and being permanently embedded with brief proportion of the unutterable hints of orgasmic happiness that have a place independently with you. Most likely the insatiable soul was more than you were eager to hold up under when swarmed and overwhelmed by/by an existence of shallow hecticness. However, the stroking quality of its relieving melodic great hold back left you with an extraordinarily designed requesting craving to no end not exactly the Music of Liberty and Truth. It’s a disgrace. A crying rankling disgrace that such untold misery and distress must be traded for the at last fulfilling and compensating melodic euphoria contained inside oneself.

Such untold unexpressed orgasmic please lays lethargic standing by calmly to be experienced. Common desire can’t contact the unselfish excitement of the Soul’s Musical Palisade. The tenderest minute shared between two darlings just indicates the magnificent delight experienced. On the off chance that this be anyway, at that point disclose to me why goodness why is such a position of stylish bit of leeway and advantage left unexplored? Since “IT” the Music of one’s spirit is unreasonably perilous to be discharged in full measure. Awfully risky to be gone into daintily and flippantly. {Far too elating to even consider engaging submitted into that ONE Sacred want that rules most importantly others.}

A passing must happen alongside a breaking of hallucinations. Once having been protected and charmed into the chest of her bewildering joy, you will be everlastingly changed in a moment. Never more to be spoiled or affected by outside obligations or duties. Never again will you be in a place of feeling like you owe somebody loyalty or pre-wedding assurance. You will be in control of your own reality which will empower you to make new universes of which you may encourage and possess. Be that as it may, know and admonished: Music won’t be a courtesan to anyone or anything! It will be at your own caution and choice to follow her fragrant way of incredible joy. I will say this much and this much just: whenever somebody (regardless of whether known or obscure) asks you, “What do you do?” Tell them you haven’t the faintest idea.

Rather, comment, rather bashfully, on the off chance that you should, that you have heard it murmured some place and been made marginally mindful of a bubbly tricky tune in four notes, named:” What I don’t do.” And, because of the way that most of your time is spent associated with shallow interests, unimportant endeavors, heart-renderingly ineffective soul’s exercises, and in light of the fact that you decide to draw in your time, exertion and vitality in occupations performing assignments that not the slightest bit interface you to your genuine enthusiasm that even the cash you get from the employments for the hours you use do nothing to add significance or satisfaction to your life nor harmony to your psyche. You are, at this specific time in your reality, forever disappointed and disrupted. (that is your main thing.) Tell them additionally that you, most likely, keep on longing for that unconquerable harmony that emerges from a position of such Musical Splendor you’ve just heard referenced en route.

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