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2D Bounding Box Annotation Services for Precise Object Detection

Cogito tech is providing 2D bounding box annotation services for objects recognition in computer vision. The 2D bounding box annotated images are used in AI and machine learning to train the models in various fields. Cogito is doing this job precisely to make the objects recognizable and make the right prediction when used in real-life.

The 2D bounding box annotation is available for self-driving cars, ecommerce, retail and other visual perception for AI and ML based model development. The visual based perception model becomes aware with various types of objects through 2D bounding box image annotation techniques for various fields.

2D Bounding Box Annotation

2D Bounding Box Annotation Services for Following Needs:

  • 2D Bounding Box for Object Detection
  • 2D Bounding Annotation for Self-driving Cars
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Ecommerce
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Retail Sector
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Agriculture
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Healthcare
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Images & Videos
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Insurance Claim
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Robotics Training
  • 2D Bounding Box Annotation for Autonomous Flying

Cogito provides the one-stop image annotation solution to annotated the objects in images with 2D bounding box annotation with best level of accuracy. Working with well-trained and experienced annotators for wide-ranging industries. Cogito is committed to deliver the best level of training data for AI and ML at lowest cost. It is capable to produce the high-volume of annotated images as per the customize needs. Source


Cogito is the leader in providing best training data service for machine learning and AI-based projects. It is specialized in collecting, classifying, and enriching the training data sets for machine learning including AI-enabled applications like Chatbots, Image Annotation, Virtual Assistant and Visual Search etc. Cogito can capture and enrich a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image and video with flexible working models to deliver high-quality data sets with significant speed, accuracy at effective cost. Cogito works with dedicated team members using the smart technology and making results better at flexible pricing.

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