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3 Ways to Decorate Fountains in Melbourne and Transform ‘em into Statement Pieces

A water fountain is a simple and great way to add beauty in a home environment. To add tranquillity and make the whole space harmonious, its contribution is simply ignorable. As the trickling sound reaches your ear, you are bound to feel at peace. Moreover, you can install the fountain for indoor and outdoor purposes. In your leisure time, you cannot help but think of yourself to be transported on a beach. The trickling sound is as relaxing as the ocean waves. It is also beneficial for the ecosystem bringing all the birds in your lawn. But have you ever considered decorating the water fountains?

Just any other paraphernalia at home, you can try to give the fountain an aesthetic touch. When you are in the front or backyard, the beautifully decorated water fountains can enhance the property value. Whether it is a wall or floor fountain, the installation can make a magnificent focal point in the room. After getting in touch with fountains Melbourne, you can keep these ideas in mind.

Before Picking a Fountain

While buying an indoor or outdoor fountain, you need to consider certain things including design, material, and size. Measure the spot where you are going to install the fountain because there needs to be an electrical outlet nearby. Don’t forget to pay heed to the house decor because the fountain style should complement the whole interior. When it comes to materials, you should pay extra attention to its maintenance and portability. This is an important consideration to make because you may have to move the feature if necessary.

Go Green by Adding Plants

There is an organic element to the indoor and outdoor fountain. If it is large and placed in the living room, the water fountain works just like a humidifier. Now, the addition of greenery around it makes a lush or natural oasis. If the fountain is already placed in the backyard, you are free from the hassle. However, the indoor fountain can deck up with banana plants, umbrella plants, palms and ferns. You can further make a visual interest by choosing various plants in different sizes. For example, you can surround the fountain with vertical garden or potted houseplants. And for outdoor fountains, the trailing vines add aesthetic appeal, too.

Make the Environment more Vibrant

After a few years of uses, the concrete or stone fountain becomes colourless. You need to add a little bit of colour to make things fresh again. It is better to start with bold and bright shades to make the garden vibrant with colours. You can paint the rim or entire feature to give a subtle look. The masonry paint or concrete-binding primer can keep the elements in a place together. When you are dealing with a traditional concrete or stone, you can try out Mediterranean- or Spanish-inspired styles. This can make the feature a lot more elegant and sophisticated than it was. For an eye-catching look, you can use detailed pattern for the rim.

You can also add float ornaments to decorate the water in a subtle way. In this case, the Japanese ornaments like finishing net floats need special mention. In a way, the trinkets give an engaging effect to the feature. So, don’t you wish to make the fountain beautiful? Get water features and increase property value.

Author bio: Olivia Gaby is an active blogger who has written several write-ups on where to place the water features at your workplace. Here, she talks about several decoration ideas that you can follow after selecting a beautiful piece from fountains Melbourne.


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