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4 Primary Things to Consider before Ordering Custom Wallpaper


Do you want to cover the wall of your room? Or do you want to revamp the look and feel of the room in a smart way? In both of the cases, using wallpapers will be the ideal choice for you. Come in different textures, designs and shapes, these hanging papers on the wall will not only transfer the appeal of your room but also reflect your taste and personality. But if you don’t want to buy one of the ready-made wallpapers and want a less travelled path that will later differentiate you in the crowd, then you should consider using custom-made wallpaper.

With this, you have the opportunity to determine everything from the paper, colour, pattern to everything in between. And when you choose a reputable company for this, they will hear your needs and then by combining their experience and efficiency, will design the exclusive wallpaper for you. However, before you order custom wallpaper, you have to do a few things. Here we have prepared a list of the things that you have to do before ordering this wallpaper. 

 1. Total size of walls being covered

Before you order for tailor-made wallpaper, one of the primary things that you have to do is to measure the total size of the walls. Without having the total space measured, it will be difficult for you to tell the company what will be the actual size of the wallpaper. And they will end up giving you wallpaper that is not a perfect fit for your walls. When you invest a good amount for designing exclusive wallpaper, this is not the thing that you will want. So, measure the size to order enough wallpaper that will get the job done properly.

2. Scale of the required pattern

Once you are done with the size, the next thing that you have to concentrate on is the desired pattern. Do you want a large-scale pattern or a small one? The choice is yours. A large-scale pattern will work better if you have wide swaths of room that you want to have uncovered. If you don’t have any such requirements, then you can choose small pattern.

3. Mistiness factor to consider

Besides the bedroom and dining room, people like to install wallpapers in powder rooms. It is not something new, from years it is continuing. As these rooms are more petite than rest of the rooms, people like to experiment with these. They are less hot or steamy than a full bath or kitchen room. So, when you choose wallpapers for these rooms, you have to make sure that they can withstand some conditions, like water-resistant. However, not every pattern will be available in a tougher make. Therefore, when it comes to choosing wallpaper for these rooms, you have to be extra careful.

4. Likelihood that kids will hang out there

Some papers are very kid-friendly, such as dark colour or vinyl wallpaper while others come with kid-oriented patterns. There are variations too, like grass cloth that is made of natural fibres and can’t be washed or wiped clean, or delicate vintage wallpaper that would not recover from a toddler armed with a marker or crayon. So, if you have a kid in your house, you have to consider this while determining the colour and fibre.

These are the basic things that you have to consider before ordering custom made wallpaper for your house. Once you are done with all these, opt for Adelaide Signwriters, who are backed by years of experience in this field and can design one-of-a-kind wallpaper for your space.

Author bio: George Green is one of the reputable Adelaide signwriters and a regular blogger on different kinds of signs. In this write-up, he has mentioned a few things that you should consider before ordering custom wallpaper.


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