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4 Rules to Remember While Shopping for Tiles

Everybody wants his place to be the most beautiful site on the earth. For this purpose, people try several things in order to fulfil their desire. Tiles are normally used to decor the walls. There are several sorts of tiles available in the market and can be fixed to the floor in various ways. Tiles can produce an illusion of more space in small spaces. That is why tiles are widely used in order to create the feeling of large place and enhance the gorgeousness of their home.

1. Room size:

Large tiles make a room feel larger and airier. Using floor tiles on the walls will make the space seem more cohesive, but you can’t use wall tiles on the floor. A floor tile will have a harder glaze and will be made of harder materials to withstand traffic. In a small room, light-colored tiles will make the space feel bigger. If you have a large room you have more options; you can choose from light to dark tiles.

2. Try to keep them different:

Taking your first (must have) choice as a starting point, use it to make the decisions for the other tiles you will include in your design. If your must have is a really unique color or pattern and is going to be the focal point of your design, pull more subtle colors from it to use in your accent tiles. If, however your first choice is really plain (like a white subway tile) you may want to add an element of interest with a colorful accent tile or even a smaller scale white penny tile to change it up and add interest.

Typically, you will choose a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/ tub surround or even all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will be used as a focal point. This is just a guideline. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little bit.

3. Color:

Space appear larger and are a great option for a guest bathroom or narrow hallway. While dark color tiles can be a striking addition to a kitchen or open floor plan where there is plenty of light. When thinking about color, also consider your grout lines as they make a big impact on the final result and whether a space looks smaller or larger. The more grout lines you have, the busier your wall or floor will look and this may have a tendency to make a small space look even smaller. To create a seamless look and minimize the appearance of a ‘grid’, ensure your grout color is similar to the color of the tiles you choose.

4. Budget:

Buying tiles may be just one’s desire. First, you should decide the overall budget of the house. If you have a limited budget, then you can save on tile. Check out Moroccan tiles suppliers available and their prices and get estimates and an idea of what types of tile will work within your budget. This is important because you can change tiles after 5 or 10 years, if you earn well.

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