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5 Myths and a Truth About Frozen Chicken

There is associate antique discussion regarding recent vs. foodstuff and it’s obtaining additional heated with the additional demands we tend to placed on the food we tend to eat. Is it affordable? Is it convenience? will it weigh down on food waste? most significantly, is it nutritious?

Most people draw a bead on to measure by “fresh is best” and as a registered specialist specialist, i like that! however I’m additionally busy and a mummy and that i would like sensible similarly as effective in my life. If this looks like you, I invite you to discover the coldest aisle within the market, and not only for the frozen berries you set in your smoothie, however additionally for the juicy malformation for the middle of your plate.

Before you begin broiling Pine Tree State with what you’ve detected regarding frozen meat, I’m here to line the record straight by taking the foremost common myths regarding Frozen Chicken Wholesale Supplier from Brazil.

MYTH: “Frozen chicken has to thaw before cooking”

It’s fine to cook frozen chicken within the kitchen appliance or on the stove high while not defrosting it 1st. This eliminates the necessity for pre-planning with simply a touch time beyond regulation accounted for cookery. consider this text for a fast a way to.

MYTH: “Frozen chicken is additional ‘processed’”

Frozen chicken is that the same as chicken in an exceedingly tray…but frozen. each square measure All Natural* with No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), however one is frozen at the height of freshness. Our frozen chicken is coated with a skinny layer of ice to permit for extended period of time while not sacrificing quality. Our most popular technique for cookery singly frozen chicken is employing a frying pan on the stove high. once cookery in an exceedingly coated pan on the stove high, this ice layer melts quickly, and generates steam for quicker cookery.

MYTH: “Frozen chicken isn’t as healthy”

There is no biological process distinction between recent and frozen chicken. Pat yourself on the rear for obtaining a serving to of wholesome protein! thus, devour your frozen fruits, veggies and chicken within the deep freezer aisle!

MYTH: “Frozen chicken isn’t as fresh”

Unlike that receptacle of chicken that Sat in your refrigerator for eight days before you stuffed it within the deep freezer (we’re ALL guilty…), gladiator frozen chicken is fast frozen right off the road, protective its freshness. Better yet, fast state change, as hostile jutting recent chicken into the deep freezer ensures additional tender and juicy chicken! really, the “Best if Used By” date on frozen chicken is usually regarding one year for boneless skinless breast fillets, very disposition to the convenience of those things for always-available cooking! recent chicken will have a “Best if Used By” date on the package, however it’s usually solely 14-16 days from the time it had been prepacked.

MYTH: “Frozen chicken isn’t convenient”

Think of all the hassle that goes into coming up with and buying a meal before you even get around to cookery it. With recent chicken solely having a window of regarding two weeks, that’s plenty of journeys to the market if chicken is on the menu each night! That reliable bag of frozen chicken has you coated for the year. Busy night, no problem. sudden dinner guests, no problem. Feel ready to create a stunning meal anytime with frozen chicken.

TRUTH: “Frozen chicken is additional sustainable”

Food waste could be a Brobdingnagian issue within the United States—Americans throw out four hundred pounds of food per person annually! state change could be a natural thanks to stop time and permits you to solely use what {you would like|you would like|you wish} after you need it. For additional on the advantages of frozen chicken, consider THIS VIDEO.

My advice:

Don’t be fooled. you’ll be able to stock your deep freezer with wholesome, recent frozen foods like fruits, veggies and chicken. My favorites embody singly FROZEN boneless CHICKEN THIGH STRIPS that I sauté with onions and peppers for fajitas and singly FROZEN malformation TENDERLOINS that I grill and serve over produce or alimentary paste noodles with a straightforward sauce. i like the standard, taste, recentness and convenience of frozen fresh chicken!

Don’t over-think the “fresh versus frozen” question. The additional necessary question is: square measure you uptake enough manufacture and lean protein?


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