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5 Ways to Create a Quality Mobile App User Experience

The first glance was deceptive! When I downloaded your app, I was expecting that it will solve my issue. To be honest, when I opened it up, it was nothing more than a disaster. Poor design, beyond one’s understanding interface and what not. Gladly, I uninstalled it. If you care less for the user experience, consider removing it from the app store.


Your way too annoyed ex-user.

Do you want to receive this kind of comments? Surely, you are not in the mood to! Remember that when a user downloads an app, they expect you to solve the issue, and not to make more of it. It is 2019, and in the cutthroat competition, the only thing that works is “Do good or go home.”

If you don’t want others to pen down your name in the list of forgotten apps, it is a sane approach to think about improving the user experience. Having difficulty with it? We will tell you how to do it.

Don’t clutter it, keep it simple

Simplicity should be there in the core of your mind while making an app. Mobile app development companies who ignore this element suffer the consequences. Don’t scare your users with tons and tons of links, buttons, and call to action. Keep it as simple as you can.

Declutter space, avoid using the unnecessary buttons, keep the large font and make sure you place the buttons appropriately. The structure of information should be clear in the app not vague.

Keep your users informed

Users want a smooth app experience from you. If there are any blockages, they give less room to the guesswork and leave that app. When something is happening behind like loading, image rendering, users should be informed about it. The simple way to achieve it is to have a progress bar or a spinning wheel.

Remember that your users will wait for your app to load only if they get to know the time, the process will take. Keep it in your mind; the delay shouldn’t be long enough.

Animate the transition

Perhaps, the animation part somewhere links to our childhood memories, but it is true that we still love it. Your users like it when they see the animated transitions. Appealing transitions keep your users engaged. Make sure that you don’t overload the app with a tornado of transitions. Not only it will make the app heavy but won’t even appeal to users. Use them in a way that it guides a user to complete the action.

The easy navigation

When users open up an app, they open it up with the purpose of achieving their goals. For instance, you have made a m-commerce app for your business; of course, users will come there with the intention to purchase or know more about your goods. When you provide them with easy navigation and in-app search option, they easily find the desired product.

While making an app, keep the point of making things easier for the user.

Testing is essential

Remote user testing can save you from embarrassment. When you go for remote testing, you collect the feedback from your remote users. Those feedbacks will help you in making the necessary changes before you come up with a full-fledged app in the market.

Closing thoughts

All in all, you need to give your user an exceptional mobile experience that makes them want more. Before thinking of so many other points, think about enhancing the user experience. Implement the tips we have told you and create a flawless app that keeps your users engaged for long.


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