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A Guide to Safe Ladders: The tips and Ways to Improve

What is Ladder Safety?

Ladder safety refers to the attachment of accessories to climbing ladders, in order to make them safe. These ladders aim to promote safety, in order to avoid any unforeseeable hazards. Ladder accidents are commonly reported during services such as painting or construction, which has also led to several deaths and injuries in the past. The rates of these accidents have increased in the existing and previous decade, specifically as there has been a rise in the use of ladders, due to an increase in the demand for services. Thus, in order to comply with international standards and to ensure the safety of workers, many companies have integrated ladder safety tools, into their equipment.

9 Tips for Ladder Safety:

  1. Check and inspect the ladder for any defects or corrosions prior to using it. Keep the safer ones, and dispose off the ones with cracks.
  2. Make sure that the ladder has ladder safety tools such as slip-resistant mats. This will prevent the user, from slipping off the ladder.
  3. While setting the ladder, look for a flat and even surface. Avoid taking any risks by placing the ladder on uneven or rugged surfaces.
  4. For any project with open electricity wiring, make sure to use ladder safety tools or fiberglass ladders. These are shock-resistant ladders, unlike the normal ones.
  5. When setting feet on the ladder make sure to use at least three points of contacts for example 1 hand and two feet or vice versa.
  6. Do not carry any heavy load alone, when mounting the ladder. Make sure to have assistance, otherwise there are very high chances of disbalancing off the ladder.
  7. Never ever stand on the top of the ladder! This is the point where there are most chances of falling since the weight put on the ladder becomes uneven.
  8. Don’t make any sudden movements on the ladder. These ladders are mostly lightweight and can not handle sudden stretches and movements.
  9. Don’t situate the ladder on publicly open sites, near traffic or exit doors. Any slight contact in such situations can cause disbalancing!

Ways to Ensure Ladder Safety:

Ensuring ladder safety can be in many forms. You can use good quality ladders, which is the best preventive measure. For each different operation, try to use the appropriate ladder. For companies which offer services and require ladders during their operations, make sure to offer ladder training to your employees. This sort of training is mainly offered by professionals who are skilled in and are keen to promote ladder safety. Organize regular sessions, and take feedback from employees in order to create a continuous process of improved safety. Use ladder safety tools, such as slip-resistant mats, foam handles etc. so that your ladders become safe and secure to use.


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