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Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your area rug can be a tougher and daunting task as they often got dirt which accumulated for a long time or maybe if you haven’t done it for a while. It is essential to maintain the cleaning of your area rug because microbes and other dust mites can gather in your rugs and can cause a variety of diseases to your family. It is also important to clean it permanently to greatly increase their lifespan and keeping them in good looking condition for years. Some tips on cleaning your area rug might be helpful to you. Visit Carpet Doctor’s website for more info about Tampa carpet cleaners at its best

First, you should find the right cleaning product for your rugs. Choosing the right product that suits to your area rug is essential for removing all the dirt and stains or the bacteria that thrive in your rugs. You can choose a product that is specifically designed for your rugs or you can prepare your own homemade cleaning solution. If your rugs are expensive and unique, then it is highly recommended to choose professional products. However, if you want to save money, you can combine warm water with mild soap which is very affordable and also recommended f you have a lot of rugs to clean.

You can vacuum the area rug. This will help you eliminate some excess dust and debris and will make your task easier.

If your area rugs have grease stains, this is more difficult to remove. However, you can use a brown paper and put it on top of it after sprinkling flour on the affected area of the rug. Press it on the stain and wait for about 15-20 minutes after that, the stain will transfer to the brown paper and your rug will look as good as new.

Shaving creams can also remove stains on your rugs when it comes to wine stains. You can apply it using an old shaving brush for a couple of minutes then use a clean cloth to wipe up the shaving cream.

Certainly not the least, you can use white vinegar for cleaning your rugs. It can act as a universal cleaning product, it can also remove almost all kinds of stains.

By putting these tips into consideration, you will have a clean, good looking rug without spending big money.


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