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Before You Buy A Used Audi A4: Recorded Maintenance Issues

Though all of the headlines report that these are the worst economic times since the Great Depression, and that much (if not all) of the news focuses on the dire and dour woe that has beset many segments of the economy, the truth is that there are great deals out there to be had. This is a great time to buy a used Audi A4 because the market is being flooded with them. Owners who find themselves swamped by debt and are suffering problems with cash flow are abandoning their high priced vehicles and the payments that come with them, to cash buyers ready to deal.

But, be aware though that there are a number of known, well-documented issues with the Audi A4, and if you are truly in the market to purchase a used one, keep them in mind as you shop around.

Window Leaks Of All Types

One of the most prevalent maintenance problems with the Audi A4 – and really, with the entire production line of Audis – is that the sealants deteriorate rapidly, causing a host of problems with water leaks, air leaks and noise leaks that can seriously hinder the comfort of driving an Audi A4. Though these leaks often can be fixed rather easily, they are an issue that needs to be addressed.

Stock Tires Need To Be Replaced Before 60,000 Miles

Often, too, the stock Continental tires that come with the Audi A4 wear down quickly, and they are prone to cupping and feathering as well, which can be dangerous for those who buy a used Audi A4. Though these tires are rated for 80,000 miles, they often do not last past 60,000, and most Audi owners end up with a new set of tires before 50,000 miles. Keep that in mind while you are shopping for a used A4.

Problems With Electrical System

Also, there are problems with some Audi A4s, in that they experience electrical problems that are related to software issues. A mechanic with a good code reader can usually get all of the electrical issues worked out.

Some Automatic Transmission Problems and, of course, some Audi A4s suffer from transmission problems if they come stock with automatic transmissions. Check out the latest collection of used cars for sale in South Hackensack New Jersey. Carz4usauto has the best collection of different brands like BMW, Audi, Toyota etc



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