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CBD can improve insomnia patient – See the benefits, side effects and treatment

CBD helps you sleep

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol – it’s one of the main things in a cannabis plant. There’s
endocannabinoid system that’s interacted by CBD which maintains stability and state of balance in
your body.

CBD isn’t psychoactive unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that will not high you. In fact, it has a range
of healthy applications. For example, reducing epilepsy and relief from pain in many conditions.
Research also concluded that CBD causes to have good night sleep.

What research has to say about the nexus between CBD and sleep?

Before we jump on the improvisation of sleep, let’s find out the reasons for poor sleep. In that context,
many reasons cause bad sleep. Insomnia is one of them, which caused by:

 Mental disorder

 Medication

 Caffeine

 Environmental factors

 Physical conditions

In case you’re sleeping cycle is disrupted due to insomnia, CBD may help you recover from the
sleeplessness problem. Although CBD research is at infant stages, few researches believe that CBD
treats anxiety.

Recently, a study was held on whether CBD improves sleep or reduces anxiety. 72 subjects were
involved in the study, 25 experiencing poor sleep and 47 experiencing anxiety. Each subject was given
25mg CBD each day. The research concluded in a month, 66.7 percent reported better sleep and
79.2 percent reported lower anxiety. Hence, CBD essential oil diffuses the sleep problem.

Another research in this discourse looked at four patients with Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of
REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) was improved due to the intake of CBD. RBD is a disease compels
a person to act out of their dreams. It also tends to nightmares and poor sleep. It also shows potential
in excessive daytime sleepiness.

Another symptom of insomnia is Grogginess, it may also be affected by CBD. A review found that
CBD has the potential to recover wakefulness, both for animals and humans.

CBD can help treat:

 Grogginess

 Daytime sleep exceeds

 Causes to sleep

Normally, CBD vaping gets into the system faster than any other form. However, the research found
vaping causes respiratory risk

Clinical trials of CBD suggest 25mg to 1500mg CBD per day. You will be at low dose initially and
gradually increase. However, a dose of CBD is supposed to be taken following the doctor’s prescription
otherwise it may cause you the opposite impact. The patient feels a huge difference in sleep and anxiety after
start taking.

How does CBD improve sleep?

Despite all the above-mentioned research, we still focus on sleep recovery research using CBD is
still ongoing. We have an emphasis that more research is required in this course. Above mentioned
studies suggest it improves sleep but it’s inadequate.

How can we use CBD for sleep?

CBD can be taken in number ways. It’s available in the following forms:

 Oil

 Capsules, pills

 Edibles, like gum

 Vape concentrates

Possible side effects and concerns of CBD

Commonly known side effects for using CBD are:

 Weight change

 Appetite change

 Fatigue

 Diarrhea

Though it’s regarded as safe for medication. However, it has the potential to damage the liver when low
quality CBD is used. Always use high-quality CBD products. Before you purchase CBD product from
any company, do research.


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