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Celebrate with friends and family

Whether spring, summer, autumn or even winter – anyone who owns a garden can celebrate a party in any season. Important is the right planning. Even though spontaneous parties sound good in theory, a lot can go wrong: bored guests or angry neighbors can ruin a party just as much as sudden weather swings or insect pests. We have put together 10 basic tips for you, with which there is hardly anything in the way of a good party.

10 tips to make your garden party a success

1. Prepare your garden for the party

You want to receive visitors in your garden – of course, he should look appropriately representative! Does the lawn have to be mowed again? Is foliage lying around? Start these basic activities – and then stow all the gardening equipment neatly and safely – especially when children are loaded.

2. Make preparations against unwanted visitors

Especially in summer, your beautiful garden invites guests who are rather unwanted at celebrations: mosquitoes and wasps can be a problem. Get food covered and set up citronella candles. Even lemons peppered with lemons keep insects away reliably and still look good.

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3. Motto parties are fun

Speaking of looking good, a garden party really makes a difference if you organize it under a specific motto. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. How about a cherry blossom celebration in the spring, a casual hippie party in the summer, or a spooky Halloween event in the fall? Animate your guests to dress appropriately for the theme of your party – most will have a lot of fun with it. Think of a harmonious decoration – so you will talk about your garden party for a long time.

4. Make your garden party a real highlight

The topic of decoration also includes light – ensure a harmonious lighting! Whether colorful fairy lights on the terrace or solar lamps in the garden – diffused, indirect light is cozy. Decorate the table with tea lights, make a campfire – of course, in a safe way, especially when children are there and grill over the flame marshmallows and other goodies.

5. Pay attention to sufficient food and drinks

Which brings us to the next point: eating and drinking. Guests who leave a party hungry are usually dissatisfied guests. Obtain sufficient food and drinks. Again, the more coherent the offer fits the motto, the better! It’s also a smart way to involve the guests: Ask each guest to bring along a treat – a spicy salad, a refreshing punch or a delicious cake. So your guests contribute to the success of the celebration and are happy about compliments for the delicious food.

6. Offer enough space

Your guests want to chat comfortably – maybe the recipe for the food brought. Make sure everyone can sit down – borrow beer tent sets from party organizers if required – or ask friends and neighbors if anyone can provide seating.

7. Think of the neighbors

Incidentally, this would be a good time to talk to your neighbors about your upcoming garden party. You should always inform them that there is a celebration in your garden, so it may be a little louder than usual. Be sure to comply with the rest regulations to prevent discomfort. The most elegant solution: Invite your neighbors to your celebration – so you maintain good contacts.

8. Offer even small guests enough variety

It is especially easy for children to socialize – but they also get bored quickly. Offer employment opportunities: A pavilion or a children’s garden house turns into an adventure playground with a childlike imagination – but the largest playground is your garden. A scavenger hunt can be organized in every season, in summer water games are great and winter invites you to snowman building. Card and board games are perfect for resting and an evening music lesson is well received by all ages.

9. From quiet to loud – the musical accompaniment of your party

Take care in advance of the right music for your celebration. Start in the afternoon with soft background music, to which the guests can relax – when it gets dark, the music may also be a bit more peppy. Hits that everyone knows and can sing along, encourage party games. But watch out for the peace and quiet – after 22:00, the party should be quieter – or transfer the music to the garden shed.

10. Keep an eye on the weather – plan alternative routes

A private garden house is also an excellent place, if the party due to a change of weather has to be moved inside – while the rain patters outside, the party can continue in the cozy house! Having a great garden shed is not that expensive and difficult – maybe the inauguration of your new garden shed is the next occasion for your garden party?

With these basic tips you are well prepared for the next celebration in your garden – we wish you a lot of fun.


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