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Cleaning methods – Purify and detoxify

Now it’s getting cleaned up! Why detoxify and detoxify?

Our body is constantly burdened by food and chemicals. Cleansing is a great way to get rid of toxins. By cleaning, the body is relieved and at the same time its detoxification functions are improved. Thus, the body learns in the future to deal better with toxins and to divert them.


Delivering the right amount of nutrients and getting rid of harmful substances as quickly as possible should be our basic health goal. Especially in this day and age, however, this is very difficult, environmental pollution lurking at every turn. Therefore, it is advisable to cleanse and detoxify the body regularly.


In our everyday life, the type-appropriate nutrition supports the detoxification process every day. Our body also has some capacity to defend against toxins, but it can no longer work properly when the body becomes overloaded, causing various symptoms and illnesses.

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We spend time every day cleaning our bodies so we can show a well-groomed appearance. So why should not we also take regular time to look after and cleanse our interior?


By regular detoxification methods, we will definitely be rewarded:


  •  The natural detoxification capacity improves automatically the better the metabolism works
  •  By detoxification a targeted discharge of heavy metals is possible
  •  With the help of the cleaning toxins, which pass from the tissue into the blood can be excreted via the detoxification organs
  •  By cleaning toxins (such as heavy metals and aluminum), which accumulate in the body at certain receptors, displaced and excreted. Thus, minerals can take their place again and serve and support us with their positive qualities.


  1.  It may come through a body cleansing to a weight loss
  2.  Sweet cravings and cravings should be minimized
  3.  The skin can be clearer and more vital afterwards
  4.  There may be a feeling of lightness; Energy and vitality will increase
  5.  At best, the bowel movement regulates and digestive problems (such as constipation, diarrhea, flatulence) are less



What is the burden on our organism?


– Wrong food that does not match your metabolic type; refined foods; Sugar; White flour; additives; Finished products; too much (pasteurized) dairy products; …

  • pesticides and fertilizers
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Chemical substances in cosmetic products (phthalates, parabens, paraffins, propylene glycol, aluminum salts, artificial emulsifiers, preservatives, petroleum, …)
  • chemicals in the air (freshly painted rooms, upholstered furniture, newly laid carpets, scented candles, automatic room freshener, new cars, miracle tree, …)
  • Hormones and heavy metals that reach our drinking water via the groundwater
  • chemicals in cleaning and cleaning products; as well as in detergents; dress
  • Monthly hygiene for women
  • medicines and antibiotics
  • heavy metals (root canal treatments, metal fillings)

I also offer lectures on this topic. Among other things, I explain the basics of detoxification, what to look for, the right time and various methods such as cleansing the skin, baths and wraps, but also the colon cleansing, the coffee inlet and various liver cleansing methods.


Remove toxins by excretion procedure

Leaching processes are an important pillar of naturopathy with the aim of the targeted solution of pollutants (toxins) from the body. To divert them, there are different approaches and tools.


An effective diversion includes:

  • Solution of toxins from tissues and organs
  • Substance biological-chemical binding of dissolved toxins
  • Excretion of toxins via the excretory organs
  • Deletion of toxin-associated disruption information
    and support and complement modern medicine.


Toxins as trouble spots in the organism

Toxins act as a source of disturbance in the human organism and have a negative effect on well-being. If the organism is still able to come to terms with individual pests and suppress the damaging effects, several pests will cause the body’s own defensive energy to become more and more unbalanced, as they weaken the body. A collapse can be the result.


A stove consumes so much energy and vital substances that the body has too little strength to fight it, especially in acute illnesses. This can be the beginning of a chronic course of the disease. But even if the ailments are treated, but the focus is not recognized and turned off, this weakens the effect of the therapy, which then does not “strike” enough. The more different sources of interference come together, the higher is this effect. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to detect and eliminate the sources of disturbances in the body.


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