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Top 10 VIP Cleaning Tips for Lazy People!

Lazy people are afraid of cleaning and they love to avoid house works. But house works are a must to do and you cannot avoid house works. A cleaning company or even your maid will not do every single cleaning task for you! So if you are a lazy person, and want to handle your daily house works easily, then these exclusive VIP cleaning tips are only for you.

VIP cleaning tips for kitchen and bathroom

If your kitchen or bathroom is a mess, cleaning may sound very difficult. While getting your kitchen or even bathroom back into clean shape take time, maintaining a perfectly clean kitchen and bathroom require very little effort! You just need to simplify your life as well as your cleaning tasks. Clean your kitchen as well as bathroom from the very top to down and speed up the cleaning process. This will prevent dirty water or even cleaning solution simply from flowing down onto the areas where you previously cleaned. You can consider using your homemade cleaner that is made from water and vinegar (white) rather than traditional cleaners that contain bleach. This mixture will clean the surfaces but will not damage your clothing! And one more thing if you fail to reach cobwebs, then you can also use a gas helium balloon along cobwebs to clean them!

Freshen your upholstered furniture and carpet. Remove bad odors with a simple home ingredient and that is baking soda as well as you can also use a quick vacuuming. Sprinkle baking soda simply onto your carpet as well as upholstery. Let it sit just for 10 to 15 minutes. You can attend to your other tasks at this time. This baking soda absorbs unpleasant odors. You can vacuum your carpet thoroughly and it will help to remove the baking soda and other dirt elements that are trapped in carpet fibers. If you want to remove the baking soda from the furniture, then you can use upholstery or even brush attachment.

VIP cleaning tips to remove clutter

You have to schedule some of your time each day and utilize the time to remove clutter from home as well as keep everything very neat. If you can spend only fifteen minutes a day on this task, you will get the result that you are looking for. You can choose any time period that nicely fits into your time schedule as well as accommodates your needs. You can set a timer and also spend time throwing away all the unwanted papers or even junk mail, and putting away toys or returning dirty dishes or even straightening pillows.
So it is super easy to spend some time on your daily cleaning and you will not suffer from dirt anymore! VIP cleaning tricks are the super-easy tips that you can use in your everyday life to make your cleaning experience better.




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