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Clown Loaches

Logical Name: Botia macracanthus

Other Scientific Name(s): Cobitis macracanthus, Botia macrocanthus

Regular Name: Clown Loach

Comedian loaches are extremely mainstream aquarium fish; anyway they are not in every case simple to keep effectively since they effectively surrender to yuck and are touchy to poor water conditions. This article is expected to help new comedian loach proprietors give a decent home to their loaches. Jokester loaches are found in Indonesia (Sumatra and Borneo), and practically all comedian loaches in aquariums are wild gotten and circulated far and wide before being sold. This can put extensive weight on the fish, and a crucial advance in getting a sound jokester loach school in your aquarium is picking solid fish. However, how to ensure that you get sound fish?

– Check the general conditions in the fish store. Are there dead fish in the aquariums? Is the water clean? On the off chance that a few tanks are abused there is a decent shot that there may be troublesome conditions in others as well. Just purchase fish from stores that take great consideration of their aquariums CRS Crystal Red Shrimps

– How do the jokester loaches look? Comedian loaches can give you a sign of their condition dependent on their tinge. A sound comedian loach shows clear particular hues, while a focused on one loses its hues and ends up more white. Just purchase loaches that demonstrate their right hues.


– Are the comedian loaches all around nourished? Those that haven’t been sustained accurately are difficult to medical caretaker back to wellbeing, and it is more than likely you will wind up with a dead fish in the event that you get one. Take a gander at their bodies and check whether they look very much encouraged, and ask the retailers how frequently and what the loaches are nourished.

– Are the jokester loaches dynamic? Solid comedian loaches are extremely dynamic and brimming with vitality. A sound comedian loach ought to be difficult to get.

– Do the comedian loaches have concealing spots? Concealing spots are essential to soothe worry in comedian loaches, and you are probably going to get higher quality fish from aquariums with concealing spots.

– Don’t purchase comedian loaches littler than 2 inches/5 cm in the event that you haven’t kept jokester loaches previously, since they are substantially more delicate when they are more youthful.

So in a perfect world you should search for the most hued, most dynamic jokester loaches you can discover, and purchase these to have the most ideal beginning stage. You ought to likewise consider the water conditions in the store and attempt to discover one that keeps their comedian loaches in water condition like the water conditions in your aquarium, to diminish weight on the jokester loaches. It ought to likewise be expressed that comedian loaches like laying on their sides, looking as though they were dead. Anyway this is totally ordinary and ought not be viewed as an indication of low quality in the fish yet rather the inverse. When you have chosen where to purchase your comedian loaches you should purchase at any rate 3 (best 8-10). Jokester loaches are tutoring fish that ought to never be kept alone!!!

When you return home with your new comedian loaches you should give the pack a chance to skim on the water surface for 10-15 minutes, and afterward gradually at regular intervals include a little water from the aquarium (an espresso mug). Rehash this 4-5 times before you discharge the fish into their new home.

Tank arrangement

Jokester loaches can be kept in aquariums of 100 L/20 G or more. Remember that despite the fact that comedian loaches become in all respects gradually they will get enormous in the long run and need an aquarium of in any event 540 L/125 G, and that ought to be viewed as a base.

Beautify your aquarium utilizing a base substrate of sand or fine rock that enables the jokester loaches to burrow . I prescribe keeping your jokester loaches in a planted aquarium, anyway the selection of plants varies significantly relying upon whether you keep adolescent or grown-up comedian loaches. Adolescent jokester loaches can be kept with most plant species, while grown-ups can be kept uniquely with strong plants, for example, Java plant and Anubias. Every single other plant will be obliterated as well as eaten by the grown-up jokester loaches. I additionally prescribe utilizing coasting plants to diminish the lighting, which makes the loaches increasingly dynamic during the day.

Jokester loaches need an arrangement with a ton of caverns and other concealing spots, ideally so tight that they can scarcely press themselves into them. Try not to be concerned if your comedian loaches have pressed themselves into caverns they burrowed under rocks or aquarium hardware. Chances are they are not stuck – they simply prefer it as such.

Concealing spots can be made with rocks, roots, PVC funnels, vases, coconuts and various types of aquarium enhancements. Sharp items ought not be utilized to enhance aquariums for comedian loaches. You can not make too many concealing spots and you ought to make a few for every loach.

Comedian loaches are delicate to poor water quality, and they require great filtration. Higher water course is additionally refreshing since jokester loaches live in flows in nature.

Jokester loaches are amazing jumpers, and you should ensure that your tank is appropriately fixed.


As I said before, comedian loaches are extremely touchy towards poor water quality and are generally the primary fish that get sick or bite the dust if the water quality drops. Water changes of at any rate 25% seven days are suggested. In view of their low resistance to poor water characteristics they are at times called marker fish, since their wellbeing shows the status of the aquarium. Jokester loaches are exceptionally touchy to chlorine, and even limited quantities can cause a mass demise of loaches.

This species are exceptionally inclined towards getting yuck if the water quality isn’t sufficient, and are touchy to most yuck meds and salts. So watch out for your comedian loaches and just utilize a large portion of the suggested dosages of drug, else you hazard the medication murdering the loaches.


Jokester loaches are carnivores and just eat vegetables to supplement their eating routine. It is hence prescribed that they are given nourishment that mirrors this. To get your jokester loaches to develop, ideal encouraging 3-5 times each day is suggested. (Regardless they develop gradually). Their eating regimen ought to contain an assortment of nourishments, and can incorporate practically any flesh eating sustenance. A decent base might be shrimps, diverse sinking wafers, distinctive solidified nourishments, and as they develop more seasoned, fish cuts. Comedian loaches can make a clicking sound, and they will do this when they are content. In this way you will before long discover what is your loaches’ preferred sustenance by them clicking when they get it. Like most other fish, comedian loaches may require some an opportunity to acknowledge new sustenances, anyway once they do it may turn into a top pick. Jokester loaches are one of only a handful couple of fishes that eat and like snails, and can in this manner be of good use in snail control.


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