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Couple growing plants in the shape of furniture

Couple growing plants in the shape of furniture; So far 250 chairs, 100 lamps, and 50 tables have been grown

Gavin and Alice Munro, an England couple, are growing plants in the shape of furniture. They have grown 250 chairs, 100 lamps, and 50 tables so far. Gavin says that wood will have to be cut less to make new furniture this way. It is better to grow plants as furniture than to cut a 50-year-old tree into pieces and make furniture.

It takes more than 18 months to prepare furniture

According to Gavin that this furniture are like 3D printing. Which can be shaped differently. Gavin explains that when he was younger, he saw a bonsai plant growing so much that it looked like a chair. It was from here that the idea of ​​growing plants in the shape of furniture came. At the time of birth, says Gavin, his spine was bent, forcing him to wear a metal frame for many years. Way2sms

Gavin says the experiment began in 2006 when two chairs were grown on home ground. After marrying Alice in 2012, the two started a company together and transformed the idea of ​​furniture growing into a business. When the first time tried to grow furniture for the business, the entire crop cow and rabbit grazed.

According to Gavin, it takes a long time to prepare. The branches of plants have to bend in the opposite direction of their growth. The couple has become adept at turning it to give it a shape. The cost of such a chair is 8 lakh rupees. At the same time, the cost of lamps is 80 thousand and that of the table is up to 11 lakh rupees. Moviemad

It takes 6-9 months for a chair to be ready and this time it takes to dry. This is not a new way of framing furniture. In ancient times, Romans, Chinese and Japanese made things from different shaped plants. The couple wants to buy a farm to continue their experiment and plans to spread the art to the world.

Youth meets strangers every day, befriends 2800 people in 4 years

Robb Lawless, 28, based in Philadelphia, USA, talks to at least one stranger every day. Lawless has been doing this since 2015. He has met 2800 strangers so far. He tries to meet and talk to four people every day.

When asked why he does this, Lawless explains that contacting different people is the most valuable way to spend his time. As we become more accustomed to technology and social media, our human interaction is becoming less.

Familiarity with people was lost somewhere

After completing college, Lawless got a job in a big company. While working here, he realized the kind of acquaintance he was used to with people. She is lost somewhere. He was not used to the corporate environment. Bored with this, in 2015 he started this project with the goal of making friends with 10,000 new people. Since 2016, he has left the job and has started doing the same work full time.

Lawless, who holds a finance degree, starts his day in the morning by going to the gym and then meets four people. Each meeting is of one hour. This meeting can happen anywhere. Sometimes in a coffee shop or sometimes in the middle. They say that I want to spend an hour with a stranger. So that I can know more and more about each other. However, sometimes the conversation is very disappointing. Lawless says that I interact with people in general and keep the doors of friendship open.

I do not wish to go deep into the life of any person, but if anyone wants to take me there, I listen to him. I try to have such a conversation, as if there are two old friends, but they have never met before today.

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