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Decorative glass in Dubai

The various kinds of Glass designs are accessible in the market obliges the necessity of the adaptable clients, in this way rendering itself as a standout amongst the most adaptable design idea. Glass designs may differ from depiction due to the size and hand craftsmanship of glass. Whether you are trying to turn your window into a work of art or just wanting to add privacy, glass designs are always a smashing idea for anyone looking for a good interior look.

decorative glass are a very broad subject in the design world. Different types of decorative glass are in practice today and have been since the last few centuries in churches and mosques but recently have made an exceptional impression in houses, offices, kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms and even hospitals. It takes different glass materials to carefully craft each specimen of any decorative glass. Following types of decorative glasses are in use today:

  • Acid Etched glass: Glass that has been artificially treated with an acidic material, for example, hydrofluoric corrosive, to deliver a surface complete that will diffuse transmitted light, decrease glare and has an “frosted” appearance. They are extremely popular when it comes to glass designs.
  • Laser etched glass: Decorative glass that has had an image engraved into the surface using laser technology.
  • Annealed glass: Basic float glass that has been treated through a heating and controlled cooling process to result in a product with internal stresses reduced to a level that it can be handled, cut, finished and fabricated.
  • Laminated decorative glass: Glass consisting of an assembly of two or more lites of glass permanently bonded with an interlayer that retains the glass in place when shattered. Interlayers may be in clear, translucent and opaque forms with colors and graphic designs. Glass design field has greatly benefitted from this unique decorative glass idea.
  • Carved glass: Glass designers when working on any glass design keep in consideration the used of carved glass to portray a 3-d image. It is basically a glass into which a three dimensional sculpted image or design has been created by sandblasting or etching to different depths within the surface.
  • Painted/Back painted glass: A coating applied to glass that completely covers the surface is virtually opaque and available in various solid and metallic colors. In some applications the glass can be partially coated with clear areas for design. Typical applications for this endearing glass design idea are wall cladding, spandrel glass and furniture.
  • Patterned glass: Glass whose surface has been imprinted with a texture or pattern at high temperatures while still in the molten or malleable state. Also known as textured or obscure glass.

Glass, an intriguing material and ordinarily very reasonable in many spots, glass has turned into a phenomenally helpful material in engineering. Both, exemplary and present day, its utilization in the development business has stood the trial of times for over hundreds of years now. Glass designs are viewed as enchanted and were interesting to the world. The translucent and the straightforward idea of the material regularly went with each other material, be it bond, mud or, steel in the present occasions. It has now moved statures, truly, with an ever increasing number of high rises on the planet utilizing it with steel as the unmistakable development material.

Zealcon is among the top building and construction cmpanies in UAE. Zealcon’s Glass has different utilizations and its unique significance in engineering. Zealcon’s  glass design have various reasons to be used,including the following:

  • As a representation of faith: The evolution of decorative glass building material ages back to when extravagant holy places all over Europe were built, and recolored glasses with blessed artistic creations were utilized, the clerestory windows and the light through them, edifying the houses of God and holy places was viewed as heavenly. Glass particularly at that point, was nothing not exactly an ‘enchantment material’
  • As window panes:decorative glass in Dubai have been used in window panes to add beauty and elegance to the overall interior structure of an area.They suggest a type of uniqueness and better the ambiance.
  • decorative glass have different utilizations, as an outside material. Because of its changing properties of appearances, it tends to be utilized for different functionalities in different viewpoints. Over the time, the glass designs were prepared and lightweight decorative glass appeared, and all originators and draftsmen were excited about investigating in this unique design.
  • As a roofing material. decorative glass have recently come into play as roofing material. Different decorative glass are used by designers as skylights and roofs to introduce a concept of mixed hues of light coming from the sky. Different designs are managed and material is used according to climate, sunlight optimization and contrast with the overall structure of the building.
  • As a partition wall. In the interiors of a building decorative glass are found, mostly used as partition walls, curtain walls amongst two rooms, with doors and windows, as an element of décor, etc.

Zealcon’s decorative glass designers have revolutionized the world with its decorative glass concept and continue to introduce more ideas for décor purposes. Glass has always been a popular material of architecture and decorative glass have made them even popular. With different use of art and color, decorative glass are the leading trend in today’s interior design world. Today’s architects and designers have made the use of decorative glass quite extinguished. They can be seen in buildings such as Burjkhalifa’s underwater hotel,even the burjkhalifa itself. Also in museums their uniqueness is further flourished by displaying them as models. decorative glass are a growing trend and won’t be going out of style anytime soon.


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