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Expert’s Guide: Hairstyles That Complement Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Do you want to gift beautiful dresses to your bridesmaids that they will love to wear on several occasions, besides the day of your wedding? Do you want to make sure that the dresses are in symmetry with the classic theme of your D-day? Then, long bridesmaid gowns will be the perfect choice for your crew. Come in hundreds of different styles, designs, and colors, the dresses will fit your bridal party look perfectly, as well as flatter their body types.

Do you want to go an extra mile when you pick long bridesmaid dresses for your squad? While a dress can make or break the look, a hairstyle can complement the overall look. One needs to choose a hairstyle, which will interfere with the intricacies of the gown, as well as keep it balanced. If you want to ensure that your bridal squad looks perfect in both their gowns and hairstyles when they will pick photos with you, then you need to help them by suggesting some hairstyles, which will enhance their look. Here is an expert’s guide that you can ask your maids to follow. Take a look.

  1. The elegant hair bun

It is a beautiful combination of classy and retro at the same time. The hairstyle is easy but looks amazing when one pairs it with a long gown. Moreover, it can be neatly adorned with hair accessories. Check out how your girls can try this.

  • First, by using a comb straighten the hair and let it loose.

  • Then create a partition the hair into three from behind and leave pangs of hair on both the sides, free. One can also use clips on both sides of the hair to keep it from interfering with the hair in the center.

  • Take a puffer and puff the air in the center, on top, and tie it to a ponytail. The ponytail should start as low as possible. Comb the hair properly and leave it straight.

  • Now, leave very few strands of hair and remove the clip from one side and stuff it properly inside the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins tightly. Repeat the same on the other side.

  • Pin up the strands of hair on the side and allow it to sit slightly messy on the front part of the head

  • Use string of pearls to adorn the bun and walk confidently

  1. Curly hairstyle

If any of your maids have curly hair, then you can definitely suggest her this hairstyle. Want to know how to make it? Follow the guide.

  • Start by combing the hair and leaving it loose. Moreover, one needs to make sure that the hair is dry.

  • Then, braid your hair on the dominant side. Start braiding from the scalp and make sure that it is not too tight. In place of one, you can use different types of braids. To make the look more prominent, use a big and wide braid.

  • Now, pin the braid with a beautiful flower or an eye-catching hair accessory. Braid as long as the hair extends down the scalp. There is no point if braiding the entire hair on that side. Comb the hair that you have not braided.

  • Lose a few strands of hair and allow it to fall beautifully over the face

These are two popular hairstyles that go well with long bridesmaid gowns. Cascade braid, flowery braid, and twisted hairdo also complement long chiffon bridesmaid dresses. So, opt for a reputable bridal shop and buy stunning gowns for you girls and suggest them the popular hairstyles that will give them a killer look.

Author bio: Robert Green, a popular blogger on long, short and chiffon bridesmaid dresses, here writes on the hairstyles that are in harmony with long bridesmaid dresses.


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