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How important is sport for children and adolescents?

Children are the future, and to secure this future, we must take responsibility. More than ever, we need to help our children develop the right way of life right from the start. With today’s challenges and the stress of modern life, it’s hard to focus on the little things. It also means taking the time to guide our children in developing good habits.

This is because society is based on convenience. It’s more convenient to park the kids in front of TV or video game than spend time conditioning healthy habits and stimulating children’s imagination. It is already a struggle for most adults to maintain healthy habits. How should they then pass it on to the children?

There are some solutions to this dilemma. The concept of extracurricular activities at school has existed for a long time. Afternoon programs that help children develop good habits are a good place to start. The spread of sports camps and sports-oriented holiday camps has recently developed this concept into a comprehensive program.

Sports camps are seasonal ‘retreats’ for children attending school holidays and on vacation. Time when they would normally not have access to daily activities after class and would otherwise be at home playing video games all day. These camps are usually done during the summer break with emphasis on outdoor activities. Sports camps have always been around, but their value has been increasing lately.

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As science shows how important it is to build good habits early in life, the need for such programs has increased. A major problem is childhood obesity, a condition that can determine the quality of life one experiences for the rest of his life. It also has a lot to do with mental development. Teach the children to acquire helpful habits and attitudes for their individual needs and roles in the community.

The benefits of sports camps

Development of physical abilities

Physical education and movement

The first important advantage of sports camps is the general benefit of consistently good physical activity. Regardless of sports or activity, moving children are healthier children. The development of functional biomechanics such as mobility, spatial awareness and proprioception develops rapidly in childhood. Of course, this only happens with the right stimulation. Summer sports camps can provide these safely.

Sports development

An obvious advantage of summer sports camps is the focus on developing specific skills. This is a great opportunity for future top athletes to embark on their journey. With the advances and attention now being devoted to children’s sports, many sports camps have state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors to help young athletes develop their skills professionally.

Popular sports camp disciplines are:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Tack and Field Athletics
  • Swim

Sports camps are therefore a great way to showcase and nurture young talent and passion for the future of sport.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal or social skills are crucial for development at a young age. Modern life has greatly reduced the chances of children developing these types of skills to develop healthy social skills. Sports camps are a great way to develop good social habits.


Many activities in summer camps, especially sports, require a lot of teamwork. This cooperative group dynamic conveys a sense of responsibility and trust in others. To be reliable and trust others in the group are basic skills in a social environment. Working in a team environment from a young age helps children to understand the value of others and to feel responsible when it comes to achieving that value.


Another social ability that children can develop is the feeling of empathy. Considering the needs of others and empathy with their situation is of great value to the development of a child.


Another social ability that children can develop is the feeling of empathy. Considering the needs of others and empathy with their situation is of great value to the development of a child.


The most important interpersonal ability is friendship. Being able to build and maintain positive relationships with other children is as rewarding as it is important. The attitude towards relationships is promoted in childhood and strengthened by cooperative activities.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills include personal development and self-improvement on a psychological level. Developing these skills is critical to mental health and social viability

As a child, trust is important. Adults with low self-esteem often find it very difficult to overcome their problems. Sports camps help to achieve this value through the performance factor that comes from successfully performing fun activities. Trust also protects against the risk of mental illness associated with self-esteem.


Sporting outdoor activities in the Sauerland

As already mentioned when hiking, the Sauerland is due to the undeveloped in many places scenic areas a true outdoor paradise. Sports and leisure activities can be found in the open air in almost every location of the region.

Of course, the large number of Sauerland lakes contributes significantly to this, as all sorts of water sports are offered here. Canoeing, sailing, surfing, diving and fishing are probably the most popular outdoor activities in the Sauerland. But not only on and on the lakes is the activity allowed.


There are various ways to get active in the forest and meadow area: climbing parks, golf courses, football and tennis courts invite you to sporting challenges. In the following we introduce you again and again to entertaining, interesting outdoor activities in the Sauerland. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the region in the open air.


Infopfad Möhneaue: Nature adventure trail on the Möhnesee

There are many walking and hiking trails in the Sauerland. We set off on a beautiful spring day and explored the Möhneaue infopad. An entertaining, informative nature trail along a beautiful nature reserve.


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