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How to Check Outlook Mailbox Size?

To receive the emails in inbox you require space as each sing bit of data requires space to store the data and in free accounts there is a less amount of space allocated for every user and to get more space the subscription is needed. By checking mailbox size at a particular interval of time will help you manage the space used by emails in the different folders in your mail box.

If you are getting your email in spam box or junk folder and you don’t know the methods to fix error then you need to How to Stop Outlook Moving Emails to Junk or Spam Folder. But if you need to check the size of emails in your mailbox or you want to know available space in the outlook 2010 or later you can read below explained steps to fix various errors in Outlook.

how to check outlook mailbox size

Steps to Check Outlook Mailbox Size Limit:


Step1: Log into your account and in mail view press your account option.

Step2: Now open folder tab and navigate to folder properties.

Step3: Select general tab and click on folder size button on that tab.

Step4: You will get the total size of all emails stored in the outlook.

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Step1: Log in your mailbox account and click on file option located at the top left of menu.

Step2: In file click on info tab and search for mailbox cleanup in outlook 2010 & 2013.

Step3: Repeat step2 of method2 and search mailbox settings option for Outlook 2016 & later.

Call Outlook Support Number 1-844-707-3772 to Fix Outlook Mailbox Size Issues

Now if you still face an error after performing steps and you need to support you can contact Outlook email support phone number to get instant support. The best technical certified professionals to get instant assistance round the clock you can call +1-844-707-3772 toll free to get help online in USA and Canada with providing the right solution.


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