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How to Recover Outlook Username and Password ?

Outlook is one of the most popular emailing software among the world-wide computer users. This tool runs with great speed and performance if it has been installed and setup correctly as per the device compatibility, if not it can create interruption and stops them from sending and receiving mails from one person to another.

Generally, it does not encounters any technical issues but there are few points where technical help is needed like installation, uninstallation & re-installation, update & upgrade, setup & configure, at the time of creating a new account, spam or junk removal, change or reset of Outlook password, account blocked or not verified or when the users are not able to recover Outlook username and password.

But from now-on-wards no need to worry with such problems because the best online tech help has been initiated here in US and Canada where techies deliver only exact solution at minimum low administration charge which is only charged if the customer’s issues have been resolved completely without any loss to other components.

Get Outlook Password from PST File

So, the Outlook users who are not aware about how to recover Outlook username they can ask for Remote Access Technology Help or can follow the hints listed below. Just follow and get rid of how to recover Outlook password error.

What to do for Outlook username and password recovery:

Solution 1: Reset the Password

Step 1: Firstly the customers are required to reset the password with the following steps.

Step 2: Open the link as and check the box “Reset your password”.

Step 3: Then reason to reset password will be asked then hit the “Next” option.

Step 4: Now, feed the email address submitted at the Microsoft account creation.

Step 5: After this, enter the Captcha Code to verify that I am not a Robot.

Step 6: If any security information is added to the account then one-time code will be sent to alternate phone number or email address which will be provided and then can be able to reset the password.

Solution 2: If the Password won’t work then need to go after the steps mention below.

Step 1: In case, if doesn’t received a security code on the alternate phone number or email address then need to click on “I didn’t get a code” option or “I don’t have access to these”

Step 2: Now, the customer will be required to fill some security questions asked for some private personal information.

Note: It could take up to 30-day waiting period to get full access to your account

Step 3: If profile is temporarily blocked then it could be because of spam or other fraudulent use of your account, or content that violates in Terms of Use.

Step 4: If recently turned on two-step verification then instead of regular password, customers may need to use an app password to get in.


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