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How to Troubleshoot Outlook Email Problems

Outlook is one of the most widely used email client service mainly for business houses and big organizations. Built with highly interactive features and high efficiency, this Microsoft outlook is an exceptional emailing tool you cannot ignore if you are working at an organization.

At the same time on the other hand, few bugs or common errors can affect the flow of your communication with Outlook or other related activities. Some of the issues like outlook start-up issue, outlook running slow, freezing, password recovery and other unexpected errors. Here we discuss how to fix Outlook problems with right approach.

Outlook Asking for Password

Once you configure outlook mail you can login into account and don’t need to use the password for running again-and-again. But when password renewal date expires you will get small popup window asking you to update the password, if you have updated the password timely before expiration you just need to enter new password, otherwise small window will not go and you can’t sent or receive any mails, even cannot perform any other action. Only Admin have rights to change your password when you stuck in such situation or you can also take

Outlook email help.

Outlook Running Slower than usual  

This is one of the most common issues, Outlook users face using this mailing application. Actually, after a certain time period of use, regular mails, attachments, notes, calendar entries and contacts jam-packed the Outlook PST files making it too large to run. And after reaching at certain stage working with outlook becomes patiently intolerable due to sluggish speed.

Troubleshoot Outlook Email Problems

The best possible solution for this problem is empty the PST file from your computer. And at the same time you also need to delete all the larger size mails beyond the 100 Kb in your Outlook. Find all the mails having attachments or older than years and delete all of them. Though, if you thing you might need such mails, you can take a copy at another folder in your hard disk.

Emails not Showing on your Laptops or Mobile

The same Outlook mail account configured on multiple devices like office computer, laptop and mobiles show such issues. In such situations if you get email on one device you can’t find on the other device or downloading other mails instead of only last previously checked mails.

To resolve this problem either manually copy the PST file from one computer to the other and then restart outlook or switch to IMAP protocol to synchronize all the mails on the server with the email in outlook. And if you need any help for Outlook IMAP settings you can call professional technicians and get online assistance at your desk.

Outlook crashing unexpectedly very often

Outlook suddenly crashes become a distressing moment where you need a quick assistance to fix the issue. Outlook crash without warning and if you are composing an important mail, it happens your frustration becomes serious and you can bear huge loss due to email halt.

The best solution for outlook crash is, start your outlook in safe mode and observe if the problem continues. If it not happens means the actual problem in somewhere else and if it still persists then visit at Outlook trust center and deactivate any add-ins and restart your outlook again normally. If the problem stays call to Outlook support phone number for complete diagnosis and get right solution by professionals.


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