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Know why Long Bridesmaid Dresses are New Best Friends of Short Women

When the bride picks out the bridesmaid dress herself, the girl gang goes berserk internally. If you show what you actually think of the dress, you may be in trouble. And if it is a long dress, women with petite figures are likely to lose their minds. To be honest, every short woman thinks of the gown as her nightmare. We cannot blame them to think like that, can we? But it’s high time to break the stereotypes. Flaunt the long dress at your friend’s wedding and sweep the groomsmen off their feet.

If you are petite or short, the floor-length dresses have never been your favorite. Basically, the gowns seem challenging to women. However, you cannot say ‘no’ to your friend’s face. After all, it is her wedding. Instead of being a part of a fashion disaster, you can ace the long dress with grace. To understand how you can ace the long dress while putting on the bridesmaid shoes, go through the next section.

Create a High Length Illusion

When you are a little bit shorter, the long bridesmaid dresses need to make you taller. To achieve the look, focus on creating a vertical line with columns of color. This type elongates frame and lengthens statue. In this way, the dress turns out to be flattering. Only if you know the trick, the dress can instantly make you taller. Another way to have an elongated illusion is to choose a V-neckline. It does not matter whether you are short and busty; the asymmetrical necklines require special mention here.

Focus on Shoes always

If you did not want to believe it, you have to follow it now. A pair of shoes can change the whole scenario. When you are wearing a long dress, most of your body parts will be covered. Thanks to the sexy side-slit, the feet will be open. Now, if you put on a simple pair of mules, the result would be disastrous. So, a pair of strappy high heels is a staple to a long dress. Choose the shoes carefully because the pumps do not look good too well.

It is Effortless to Carry

One of the reasons why every short woman should embrace long dresses is to save on razor time. If it were a short dress, you would never like to shave your legs after running errands. The long dresses are functional, productive, and versatile for short women as well. Once you can find a long dress with the right length, things may fall into places. If you are 4’8” or 5’3”, you may need to change things a little bit. The dress may not be ready-to-wear after receiving because you may have to tailor it shorter. Most of the dresses follow the length for 5’8”. A little bit of alteration can make things easy-breezy.

Choose the Color too Carefully

If your friend does not possess any restriction on the color shade, you should be on cloud 9. It may sound interesting but certain colors can make you taller. That’s why; look out for the solid colored gowns. Solid color is expected to create an illusion of height. If you are thinking of color-blocked or high-contrasting shades, the path can be tricky. When the dress silhouette has a vertical seam, there may be an illusion of added length. Again, watch out for the small prints that feature on the patterned dress. Going overboard with such style is an old-fashioned style.

So, invest in gold bridesmaid dresses that look simple and elegant at the simple. Check out the online website to discover all the beautiful styles.

Author bio: Alison Hodges is a regular fashion blogger with multiple articles on how to don gold bridesmaid dresses. Here, she discusses why the petite women should make long bridesmaid dresses their best friends.


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