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Main Highlights of China Birding Tour that will Fulfill an Adventurer’s Needs

Did you know that bird watching is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with nature? If you are getting interested in the colorful and chirpy birds, you are definitely off to a great start. Instead of inhibiting the hobby in your backyard, face the brave new world. And when it is about the world of birding, China is the ideal place to be. Whether it is Sichuan or Qinghai, the exquisite beauty of the endemic bird species leaves everyone speechless. They are melodiously vocal, surprisingly intelligent, and delightfully attractive. The birds are amazing creatures flapping their wings to help the environment in innumerable ways. Of course, one trip to China is going to be a unique experience for the rest of life.

Have you only seen Chinese fulvetta or snowy-cheeked laughingthrush in the pages? China birding tour is open to each and every enthusiast showing keen interest in the magnificent birdies. Yunnan, Qinghai, and Sichuan are the most popular provinces in China for birding. The tours have fluently English-speaking guides to give the best kind of experience to every enthusiast. Before you embark on China, you should know the main highlights.

  • Chinese Rubythroat, Abundance of Pure Nature and Many more

Among the myriad of numerous native bird species, Chinese rubythroat is one of the popular names all over the world. There is a close relation between Siberian rubythroat and Chinese rubythroat but the latter has remarkable white tail-tips. Keeping the colors in mind, it becomes easy to distinguish the male and female. The female Chinese rubythroat has dull brownish-grey and the male has slaty brown over its supercilium. While roaming around Sichuan, you need to be a little careful to witness the birdie. An adult rubythroat is shy but they are seen in pairs when the breeding season comes.

Apart from Chinese rubythroat, the classic birding tour opens the window for witnessing slaty bunting, red-winged laughingthrush, gold parrotbill, and red crossbill around Xiangling mountain range. Also, the virgin forests are natural habitats of dusky warbler, three-toed woodpeckers, and Chinese grouse. It is a delight for every bird watcher to traverse through the scenic trails of Gongganglin and Tangjiahe.

  • Find Lord Derby’s Parakeet and Explore Lhasa Culture

Belonging to the parrot family, lord derby’s parakeet is widely seen in the moist green forest around the hills. That’s why Lhalu wetland has become one of the best spots to identify lord derby’s parakeet. The adult male and female parakeets have similar characteristics but the females have a black beak, unlike the male ones. However, juvenile and adult parakeets are easy to distinguish by checking the vibrancy of body color. The juvenile parakeets are dull in color and they are found with green crowns.

Now, for catching one glance of lord derby’s parakeet, you have to visit Lhasa. The capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region is the perfect place to witness the rich cultural heritage and native birds. There is a great opportunity to visit Potala Palace which is a dzong fortress. The wide view of mountains is definitely a paradise for landscape photographers. If you leave the city for Xiongse Temple, you will be entering the territory of native birds. Giant babax, Tibetan eared pheasant, and brown-cheeked laughingthrush are quite popular names in this context. Stroll around Norbulingka or Lhasa River to find different elusive and interesting species like white-browed tit warbler, black-necked crane, and brown accentor.

As a responsible bird watcher, you cannot ignore how vital it is to play by the rules set by the professionals. Instead of grabbing a bird’s attention, learn more about Sichuan birding expedition. And book your tickets before the slots are occupied.

Author bio: Hui Fan is a travel blogger who has published several articles on how to make the best out of Sichuan birding. Here, she talks about the main highlights of China birding tour that will excite you to the core.


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