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Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Indonesia that Has Been Famous in the World

Jakarta The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia are widely known by the international world. Even Indonesia has indeed become a favorite destination for foreign tourists, Hollywood stars who have enjoyed the beauty of Indonesia.

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1. Bali.

There are so many unique tourist destinations that cannot be found anywhere else. Call it Bali, which has become a holiday destination for domestic or foreign tourists. However, it’s not only Bali that’s just an amazing tourist destination in Indonesia.

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia must have special uniqueness, so that many people are interested in visiting it. Ranging from tourist attractions to the highlands to tourist areas that you can find in Indonesia.

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia, which is also famous in the world is the island of Bali. Located in the east of Java, Bali is the belle of the island which is well known throughout the world.

Besides being famous for its natural beauty, its famous beaches, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture, such as: Kecak Dance, Barong Dance, Collection of monkeys, and others. In addition, there are also destinations such as Ubud, which is a blend of culture and natural beauty of the highlands.

2. Lombok

Furthermore, there is Lombok as the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia which is an attraction other than Bali. Lombok is no less exotic than Bali. Coastal ranks, small island clusters, the splendor of Mount Rinjani, and spectacular marine life to explore, the island of Lombok is a complete package for a vacation in the West Nusa Tenggara region.

Lombok is famous for its Gili. Gili means small island in the Sasak language. Lombok has more than 20 Gili. The three most popular tourists are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Mount Rinjani located in Lombok is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, with a peak reaching 3,726 meters above sea level. Segara Anak Crater Lake, located on the volcano, is a destination for tourists. In addition, tourists can also visit traditional villages in Lombok and mingle with the indigenous Sasak people.

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