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Not happy with GRE score? Revising and retaking the syllabus might help

Retaking the GRE examination might not seem a good idea to many, but for those who have so far aspired and prepared only for GRE, it is a chance to improve their scores, additional funding, and admission to preferred university.

If you fall into the family of people who had a moderate GRE score and desperately looking for a retest, these are some of the questions they come across- ‘Should I go for a retest?’ ‘Would retest definitely help me improve the scores?’ ‘Would studying on my own be suffice?’ and many more.

If any of these questions are bothering you, remember that you are not alone in this journey. There are many more who weren’t able to complete the GRE syllabus properly and on time, hence are thinking about retaking the test. No matter what is the reason for you to take the test consecutively for the second or third time, consider a few aspects before that-

The GRE syllabus is huge and can take a toll on everything you are associated with. It claims a large amount of time to invest on daily; and different approach to complete the syllabus and scoring well is really hard work. So before you fill up the form to sit for the test, ask yourself if you can continue the rigorous plan throughout the year, if you have enough time and patience to invest in it, and if you have monetary backup to take new tuitions or online classes for better preparation.

Pros and Cons of retaking the GRE

 If you are wondering what would be the consequences if you retake the GRE test, here’s brief description:


  • By retaking the GRE test, the students get a chance to improve their scores that they are not happy with.
  • With a retest, the opportunity doubles. It is a chance to result better that was not possible in the first attempt due to many unavoidable circumstances.
  • When approaching for a retest, students are far better seasoned to understand the examination and make fewer mistakes.


  • GRE test is a costly approach. So if you have a moderate score that can help you get admission to a reputed university, and if you have financial hardships, try not to take it any further.
  • Students should decide first if the retest is worth every penny they are planning to invest.
  • There’s no point taking the test for the second and third time if you have not invested all your time, patience, and efforts for it. Go for a retest only if you are prepared enough.
  • Giving a GRE test once is harmless, but giving it multiple times might affect your application. Hence, it is suggested to study well before retest so that you can pass the examination in a couple of efforts, with desired scores.

Hope these pointers would help you understand retaking GRE, the needs for a repeat test, and how you reach to the goal with better planning.

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