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Olive Tree Study: What Curriculum Does This Weekend Islamic School Follows?

In the world of foreign languages, refining the Arabic language remains a practice neglected by many people, but they boast that they do not know how to speak. However, there is a group of people who are well aware of the importance of Arabic and the importance of writing and speaking it carefully. The Arabic language comes in many ways and needs to know the rules and practice of learning. In this post, we will show how you can refine your Arabic language, strengthens it, and acquire the skill to speak and write with the help of the Weekend Islamic School Curriculum.

Grammar and Morphology

The refinement of the Arabic language in terms of grammatical rules does not mean that you will become a Sebwayeh or a Khalil bin Ahmed, but you have to know the basics and these basics help to differentiate between name, character, and deed. So, whenever you plan of learning the Arabic language from the Islamic schools then give deep consideration to the Weekend Islamic School Curriculum to ensure that whether they cover these prospects or not.

Refine the Arabic Language with Fun Learning

Poetry is a fun and useful way to refine your Arabic language and is the most important part of the Weekend Islamic School Curriculum. Learning through poetries strengthens the senses towards the correct expression and grammatical character of each word. Choose the easy poetries by Tajweed Nasheed as they are in simple language and kids will fall into the hymn of Arabic language smoothly as it has great wisdom and valuable preaching.

Follow the Language Pages

Weekend Islamic School Curriculum of Olive Tree Study works to refine the Arabic language of kids by throwing flashes on the most common mistakes made. They make children learn the Islamic sciences, Arabic, Quran languages with fun information. The school presents the concepts in an enjoyable and interesting style so that kids don’t feel learning boring.

Read Classic Novels

Why are we saying classical novels over books, because novels are very useful and fun? Novels are a beginning and encouragement to improve the Arabic language and collect the vocabulary and terminology from it.

Reading the Holy Quran

Reading the Quran is one of the things that the Weekend Islamic School Curriculum includes to fine-tune the Arabic language of the kids. The Quran is one of the most important sources of grammatical rules and linguistic aesthetics that add dimension to the consciousness and understanding of the Arabic Language in your kids’ mind.

Recitation in the Arabic Language

Continuous recitation helps in improving your kids flow in speaking the Arabic Language. The more you will make kids to recite the poetry or songs in the Arabic language, the more they will learn.

Hence, making kids learn Arabic at an early age has been always good as they grasp the things fast. The approach of the Olive Tree Study is to deliver accurate and sound teaching to the kids. This Weekend Islamic School Curriculum is designed with a vision so that learners can progress faster.


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