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Some Customs That Take Place In A Christian Wedding. What Are The Wedding Attires Of The Bride And Groom?

Christians are the people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are the people who consider the Bible as their holy book. Hindu, Christian and Sikh matrimonial services in Delhi are the best that help people in finding the right bride and groom according to their choices.

Some of the Christian wedding rituals are mentioned below with a short note on them:

  1. Matchmaking: This is the first and most important wedding ritual of a Christian wedding. This is the custom in which both the boy and girl are matched by their star signs and then the marriage is fixed. Matchmaking is a ritual which is followed by the engagement ceremony.
  2. Engagement: Engagement ceremony is a ceremony that takes place in almost all religions. This ritual in which the bride and groom offer rings to each other. This ritual takes place in a wedding hall, resort or nearby church.
  3. Bachelor’s party: This is a custom in a Christians wedding. Bachelor’s party is a pre-wedding party that is given to the groom by his friends. It is known as the Bachelor party because this is the last party before the wedding ceremony.
  4. Showering the bride: This is again a type of party in which all the female’s members gather at the bride’s house and shower her with all the essential things that are needed by her. The bride is showered with money, goods, fruits, dresses etc.
  5. Roce ceremony: This is a custom in which the bride and groom are applied with oil on their faces which is further followed by roce, coconut oil, milk etc. all the family members, friends and relatives pour these things on the body of bride and groom to enjoy the ceremony. This ceremony is known by different names in different parts of the world.
  6. Wedding: After roce ceremony wedding takes place, in the wedding ceremony all the family, friends and relatives sign carrels and prayers in the church. After that, the father asks the bride and groom whether they accept each other if they say yes, the wedding is complete.
  7. Goodbye ceremony: This is a ceremony in which the bride is sent to the groom’s house in a car full of flowers. The bride throws the flowers during her goodbye ceremony and whosoever catches the flower is the next to marry.
  8. Couples party: This is a party that is given to the bride and groom after the marriage is over. These are some of the wedding rituals of a Christian wedding.

What are the wedding attires of the bride and groom of Christian culture?

  1. The groom wears a black and white suit. Nowadays, people are wearing suits according to their choices.
  2. The bride wears a white colored gown with a net that lies on her face and she carries a bouquet of flowers with her.

These are the wedding attires of bride and groom of a Christian wedding. People can take help from the Sikh marriage bureau, Christian marriage bureau, and Hindu marriage bureau to find the perfect partners for their life.


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