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Strongest Character in Anime History

If previously Dafunda Otaku gave a lot of anime recommendations, this time we will review the list of the strongest and greatest anime characters with their respective skills. Starting from the power of Super Power, martial arts skills to sword users & the greatest Samurai.

Of course I made this list of the Strongest Anime Characters or the Greatest Anime Characters based on personal opinions, for content in the form of character ratings there will be independent content that we will release soon. For now, let’s discuss together the following strongest anime characters by Raja Tahu and Artikel Menarik.

1. Saitama (One Punch Man)

2015 Is the most popular character number 1 period with unmatched physical strength and super power named Saitama. Until now there are no characters from other anime (humans) that can be compared to him. Saitama was able to crush opponents to pieces with just one punch! even his fist has the aura of destroying a planet.

He was once visited by an enemy who had traveled around the sky, challenging Saitama, he fought by showing god class blows and several times hitting Saitama. But apparently there was no influence at all with the bald-headed man, he only threw a fist, the creature was immediately destroyed and helpless, kwkwkwkwk. Even Saitama is the strongest person in the anime.

2. Tires (Nanatsu no Taizai)

What about super-powered characters? it’s quite a lot. But what if a character who besides having super strong physical strength he is also invulnerable, can also absorb enemy energy. Oh yeah one more thing, he can’t die! even if the parts of his body are chopped, everything will come back together and whole.

Very rare anime characters like this right? but it is not impossible for Ban, he is an eternal character who cannot die because he has drank the eternal potion of his lover in the past. That’s why he is the toughest anime character ever & the strongest anime guy.

3. Meliodas (Nanatsu no Taizai)

This is a tough rival for Ban, Meliodas is the leader of the seven strongest characters in his anime, nicknamed Nanatsu no Taizai. Meliodas has another shared story because it was slandered as a traitor to the kingdom.

Meliodas was targeted by several enemies and royal people who had extraordinary powers, but all the enemies had not been able to compete with him, moreover he had a hidden power.

4. Himura Kenshin (Ruroini Kenshin)

He has the nickname as a battousai (a reliable and cruel killer). He is a person who fights for peace, a samurai who is nicknamed a Hitokiri Battousai because he is a cruel killer. He was reliable and also could complete the killing mission well according to orders from the government for independence.

After he became a powerful killer and the war era was over, he wanted to atone for his sin by being a wanderer and not wanting to kill anyone anymore. The sword he used was also a sword with sharp edges that were reversed.

But apparently, there was something he did not know about his enemies who came from a time when he was still a Battousai. One of them is Udo Jin-E & Shishio Makoto.

The strongest enemy of Himura Kenshin is Shishio, the article he is also a Battousai and equally struggling for the sake of completing war just like Kenshin, only Shishio is a person who will not be easily satisfied and greedy. Therefore the government ordered his friends to kill Shishio.

When Shishio was stabbed and burned, he was not yet killed and rose as an enemy of the government and had a new goal of revenge and would take power over all territories for himself. And this is where Himura Kenshin must return to being a Battousai to defeat Shishio and his men. One of Shishio’s strongest men who almost killed Kenshin was Seta Sojiro. Therefore Kenshin is the strongest Samurai in the anime.

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