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Structure of search engine optimization

Structure of SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process or use of techniques to improve the search engine rakes of a website. SEO is used to improve the business through online media such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yendex, etc.). With the help of SEO services in Lahore Pakistan most companies tend to achieve long-term, stable and growing business goals.

Structure of SEO


SEO types

There are 3 main types of SEO:

White Hat SEO

SEO Black Hat

Gray Hat SEO

1) White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO is a process of ranking websites in search engines, which most search engines like (mainly Google). One of the types of SEO, white hat SEO is considered the most favorable SEO practice according to Google. In this technique, Professional SEO services in Lahore Practitioner follows all search engine guidelines to rank a website. Most of the guidelines agree with Google’s recommendations.

This technique includes development and optimization of high quality content, Onpage optimization, acquisition of high quality links, and some manual research and dissemination.

This technique will classify a website slowly with long-term stability.

2) Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is a process of ranking websites in search engines by finding gaps in the search engine algorithm. This type of SEO technique is not the favorite of search engines and is prohibited. In Black Hat SEO, the professional uses some techniques, such as spam links, keyword padding, cover-up, hidden text and hidden links, etc. In this technique, the rankings will be fast and the website will be obtained instantly. But this ranking will be for very short terms whenever Google crawls the website.

These types of techniques are prohibited on Google and websites that use Black Hat SEO may be penalized by Google.

3) Gray Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO was born due to increased pressure from employers or customers to quickly rank their websites in search engines. In this type of SEO technique, Practitioner uses some part of White Hat SEO and another part of Black Hat SEO. This type of SEO is also not favorable to Google and is prohibited.

Common things in all types of SEO:

There are few common things in all types of SEO:

SEO on the page

SEO out of page


SEO on the page

On the SEO page it is a process of optimizing websites within websites. For a simple understanding, everything you do or any changes you make within the website, which will be published along with the website, is optimization on the page.

In this technique, most activities include adjusting keywords in the correct amount, URL optimization, meta tags, meta description, internal linking, Alt attributes, website speed and, most importantly, providing users with content from quality.

SEO out of page

Off-page SEO is a process of optimizing the website outside the website. Simple understanding is anything you make or any changes you make outside the snippet 360 to improve the ranking of the website is SEO off the page. This part of SEO is not published together with the website and is not visible to the end user / reader.

In this technique, the main activities include the publication of comments, the exchange of content on social networks, the creation of links, classified promotion, social bookmarking and the most important thing is the promotion in business directories.


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