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Summer heat: Ten tips for cooling down on hot days

The summer heat bothers many of us. But there are enough ways to withstand the high temperatures. The following tips will tell you how to cool off during the hot summer months and how to keep your home cool.

1.) Proper airing keeps the heat out

In the hope of a cool breeze, we tend to rip open the windows in the heat. But only more warm air gets into the apartment. The right time for ventilation is crucial: Open the windows immediately after getting up and ventilate, because the air is still cool until 8:30. Then you should close the windows completely and darken the rooms. Ideal are bright blinds, because they reflect the sun’s rays.

Tip: To cool off at night, just hang a wet sheet in front of the open window. The incoming air is cooled in this way.



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2.) Take care when drinking cold drinks

On hot days, many people resort to ice cold drinks, hoping for a refreshing dip – a mistake! Because after the intake of such cooled liquids, the human body begins to compensate for the resulting coldness in the organism. The energy consumed heats the body and thus reverses the effect of cooling – we start to sweat. Therefore, the tip: In summer heat, drinks at room temperature recommend to compensate for the loss of fluid.

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3.) Avoid heavy foods

If you have a full stomach in the summer heat, your body may find it difficult to cool down. The energy needed for digestion also produces heat, as when drinking cold drinks. Oily foods should be avoided in summer heat. Instead, eat light food. These include mainly water-rich fruits and vegetables such as melon, berries, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Vitamin-rich, fresh foods are very well suited to relieve the digestive process and at the same time to keep the organism going.

Tip: Gazpacho – a cold Spanish tomato soup – helps to cool down. Since your body also loses important salts due to sweating along with the liquid, spicy soups are recommended.



Corn salad: In addition to 93 percent water content, the winter vegetables are also rich in folic acid and vitamin C.
Zucchini: The vegetables rich in water can also be used as a substitute for spaghetti.
Asparagus: With a share of 93 percent, the popular spring vegetables are on par with the zucchini and lamb’s lettuce
Rhubarb: In one hundred grams of sour sticks, by the way, only 13 calories and at the same time a lot of vitamins and minerals
Radishes: The crispy balls have a water content of 94 percent.
Buttermilk: The by-product of cheese production has a water content of 94 percent with a fat content of 1 percent
Tomatoes: The Mediterranean fruits have a water content of 95 percent.
Salad: In addition to a water content of 95 percent, the classic lettuce, however, also contains minerals, fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C.
Watermelon: The summer fruit has a water content of 96 Percent


4.) Avoid coffee and alcohol better

Although coffee stimulates the circulation, shortly after the burst of energy, the cycle sags again. You should not do this burden on your body in the already stressful heat. Take better care of gentle watchmakers like fresh fruit. Alcohol also unnecessarily pollutes the circulation at high temperatures. In addition, it removes fluid from the body, which you urgently need right now.


5.) Choose the right clothes

Wear warm clothes made of linen, cotton or silk when hot. The natural materials are permeable to air and absorb liquid well, thus providing cooling. Use light tones for the colors as dark clothing absorbs the heat.

6.) Protect the circulation while bathing

Being in the water at summer heat can have a very invigorating effect. But first check the water temperature, so as not to be surprised by icy cold – muscle cramps and in the worst case a circulatory collapse could be the consequences.

Cool tips for hot days

As hot as the hot summer days are, with temperatures around 30 degrees, sweating is the order of the day. How best to survive these ‘dog days’, we have many tips for you here.

Enough drinking

In heat: do not forget to rest and drink
Our body consists of 2/3 of water. On a hot summer day, we sweat up to 3 liters and more of it. Therefore, the top priority is: drink enough! 2 to 3 liters over the day, either water or even better a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part apple juice. This keeps you mentally fit in the heat of the day. The drinks should not be ice-cold, however, because they could pollute the circulation.

Avoid efforts

In extremely hot temperatures you should avoid strenuous activities, so do no heavy gardening or other physical effort. Sport only in the early morning or evening after sunset. This is especially true for people with cardiovascular problems.

Blinds down

On a hot day, the rooms heat up enormously. Therefore close the windows in the morning and let down the blinds. Ventilate the rooms early in the morning and at night. Outside, one should only be in the shade.

Run cold water over the pulse

If you feel sick from the heat, you should quickly run to the nearest sink and cold water over the pulse of both hands, for about a minute. It’s refreshing and you’re in a good mood.

Cool the arms

If the circulation threatens to tip, do not allow cold water in a sink and immerse both bare forearms, move back and forth for 1 to 2 minutes, then remove, wipe the water from the arms, but do not dry. Then walk around in the room with the damp, swinging arms until the skin is dry. This cools pleasant.

Cool foot bath

An extremely hot day can be better survived, if in between the bare feet for some time in a bucket with not too cold water dives. That’s good for the circulation.

No ass bomb in the pool

As refreshing as it may be to jump into the pool at first, our body does not like extreme temperature differences. If 40 degrees hot skin dips in 20 degrees cool water, then that is a shock to the body. You can even pass out and drown. Therefore, better go slowly into the water.

Airy clothing

Wear light, airy and loose clothing, preferably cotton or some other natural fiber. In synthetic fiber you sweat too much. And rather choose colored clothes. White clothing is not so suitable because it has only SPF 10. And do not forget: Also protect your head from the heat. Ideal are hat or cap made of linen or straw.

Wear comfortable shoes

In high heat our feet swell up. Therefore wear comfortable shoes, for example sandals. And if possible, walk barefoot. It does the whole body well at high temperatures.

Wear warm enough in cool rooms

No question: On a hot day, staying in a cool room with air conditioning is very pleasant. But also very dangerous. You have to wear warm clothes in the cool room, otherwise you get a hearty summer cold.

Light food

When the temperature rises, you should not eat anything heavy: no roast pork or anything like that. Only slightly digestible should be on the menu: crisp, fresh salads or melons. It is used to refuel valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and bioactive substances. And do not forget: On hot days, drinking is much more important than eating.

No ice cold drinks

Caution: Do not quench your thirst with ice-cold drinks directly from the fridge or with many ice cubes. And not to cool off ice cold showers. All of this may be pleasant in the first few minutes, but soon after that comes the sweat breakout. Or you get a cold. Better are lukewarm or not too cold drinks and a lukewarm shower.

Drink no alcohol

If the temperatures climb, you should abstain from alcohol all day long. This also means beer. Because the cool blonde can really burden the circulation, especially in the blazing sun. After sunset, it may well be a glass …

Change damp clothing immediately

Even if it is still so hot: do not walk around in the wet bathing dress after swimming. This brings only a cold. In women and girls it usually ends with a bladder infection. Also the sweaty clothes after the sport must be changed immediately.


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