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Summer heat: Ten tips for cooling down on hot days

The summer heat bothers many of us. But there are enough ways to withstand the high temperatures. The following tips will tell you how to cool off during the hot summer months and how to keep your home cool.


1.) Proper airing keeps the heat out

In the hope of a cool breeze, we tend to rip open the windows in the heat. But only more warm air gets into the apartment. The right time for ventilation is crucial: Open the windows immediately after getting up and ventilate, because the air is still cool until 8:30. Then you should close the windows completely and darken the rooms. Ideal are bright blinds, because they reflect the sun’s rays.


Tip: To cool off at night, just hang a wet sheet in front of the open window. The incoming air is cooled in this way.


2.) Take care when drinking cold drinks

On hot days, many people resort to ice cold drinks, hoping for a refreshing dip – a mistake! Because after the intake of such cooled liquids, the human body begins to compensate for the resulting coldness in the organism. The energy consumed heats the body and thus reverses the effect of cooling – we start to sweat. Therefore, the tip: In summer heat, drinks at room temperature recommend to compensate for the loss of fluid.

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3.) Avoid heavy foods

If you have a full stomach in the summer heat, your body may find it difficult to cool down. The energy needed for digestion also produces heat, as when drinking cold drinks. Oily foods should be avoided in summer heat. Instead, eat light food. These include mainly water-rich fruits and vegetables such as melon, berries, cucumbers and tomatoes.


Vitamin-rich, fresh foods are very well suited to relieve the digestive process and at the same time to keep the organism going.

Tip: Gazpacho – a cold Spanish tomato soup – helps to cool down. Since your body also loses important salts due to sweating along with the liquid, spicy soups are recommended.


4.) Avoid coffee and alcohol better

Although coffee stimulates the circulation, shortly after the burst of energy, the cycle sags again. You should not do this burden on your body in the already stressful heat. Take better care of gentle watchmakers like fresh fruit. Alcohol also unnecessarily pollutes the circulation at high temperatures. In addition, it removes fluid from the body, which you urgently need right now.


5.) Choose the right clothes

Wear warm clothes made of linen, cotton or silk when hot. The natural materials are permeable to air and absorb liquid well, thus providing cooling. Use light tones for the colors as dark clothing absorbs the heat.


6.) Protect the circulation while bathing

Being in the water at summer heat can have a very invigorating effect. But first check the water temperature, so as not to be surprised by icy cold – muscle cramps and in the worst case a circulatory collapse could be the consequences.


Circulatory problems in heat? These tips will help.

Make sure you take sufficient breaks when swimming outdoors and that you do not spend too much time in the blazing sun. Otherwise there is a risk of a sunstroke, which manifests itself among other things by nausea and lack of concentration.


7.) Napping: simply sleep through the warmest hours

If the job allows, do it like the Southerners and have a siesta. Between 12 and 15 o’clock the sunlight is highest and with it the temperature. During this time, it is best to stay indoors in a cool place or in the shade and rest.


8.) This is how you can cool off in the office

Even at work, there are some ways to make the heat in the office bearable. Whenever possible, reduce technical heat sources that you do not need, such as printers, monitors, and lights.

Good tip for the office: Table fans can make the summer heat bearable. There is also a practical version with USB port for the computer. The generated air supports the cooling sweat evaporation of your body. It’s also a good idea to keep your wrists under cool water from time to time. The cool temperature transfers to your blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation.


9.) Feet cooling brings relief

For an extra fresh kick cooled insoles provide. Just put the soles in the fridge overnight and then in your shoes. In between, you can put the soles in the freezer. Another way to cool the feet and legs is a converted hot water bottle. Just fill them with ice cold water and place them between your feet or on your legs.

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10.) Cold shower is not a good idea

In the cold, a cold shower is tempting, but unfortunately it only provides a short-term cooling. The cold water causes the pores to contract so that you sweat even more after showering. Better is lukewarm water.


Cooling down on hot days: The best tips against the heat

The sun beats, the heat presses, no breeze stirs: Unusually high temperatures in the summer are causing problems for many people and are quickly affecting their physical condition. Slackness, dizziness, headache and nausea can be the result. So what do you do to not let the hot days spoil you? Here are the best tips for a carefree summer.

Tip 1: Light summer kitchen instead of heavy dishes To keep a cool head, two basic things are important: drink plenty and eat lightly. Because alcohol or greasy foods can burden the body in addition to the heat in addition. I drink plenty of mineral water, juice spritzers or fruit teas – they provide my body with important minerals that are lost through sweat. On the plate I bring fresh salads, fruits and vegetables as well as lean meat and fish.


Tip # 2: Avoid the blazing sun A short break at lunchtime is good on hot days, but not in the blazing sun. For now the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and the UV radiation is particularly strong. Much healthier I relax in the shade. If I’m sensitive, I should also protect myself with sunscreen under a tree or umbrella. Basically, I should never spend more than fifteen minutes unprotected in the sun.

Tip 3: Invigorating freshness kick An ideal way to cool off is cold water. Sebastian Kneipp already knew this in the 19th century and his tips still help me today. For a short kick in between, for example, the cold bracelet is suitable: For this I hold both arms in succession up to the middle of the upper arm in a sink with cold water as possible and let them circle for up to 30 seconds. I do not dry off, just brush off the wet – immediately I notice the refreshing effect.


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