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Tips for hot days

How to endure the heat

Sweaty clothes, circulatory problems and sleepless nights: hot temperatures are causing a lot of trouble for many people. It is important to prepare well for a hot day. Eight tips on how to stay cool despite the heat.

Heat Tip 1: Drink plenty of water

The fact that you should drink a lot of water in hot weather, as well as everyone should now be known. Because when the body sweats, it loses a lot of fluid. At a room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, according to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), you should drink at least two liters of water. If it’s even hotter, it should be even three liters or more, it says in a flyer. Rule of thumb in the heat: Drink a glass of water every hour, even if you are not thirsty.

This is the best way to protect your children from the heat

It is not only important how much you drink, but also how you quench your thirst. Water is still considered the best refreshment drink in the heat. Sweet drinks, coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Because: According to BAuA, they extract the fluid from the body. Alcohol also makes you tired at high temperatures and sweaty. If you want a bit more flavor, you can use unsweetened teas or very diluted fruit juices instead of water. The refreshment should not be too cool, because then the body has to work all the more. Better are room warm drinks.

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Wear air permeable clothing

Whether you suffer from the heat or come through the day well depends on the choice of clothes. Loose and airy parts are best worn, says Anette Wahl-Wachendorf, Vice President of the Association of Plant and Company Physicians. On the other hand, skintight T-shirts are not suitable because they are not particularly permeable to air. With light clothing you stay cool for longer than darker ones because they reflect the sunlight.


The best tips against sweat stains

Pay attention to body signals when working

At very high temperatures, the work can be agony. It is important not to forget to drink a lot of water despite all the rush. In addition, during the lunch break, you better avoid hearty meals that are heavy in the stomach and instead eat light food. Anyone else who goes to work with a jacket and tie should consider a looser dress code, the BAuA advises. Short-sleeved shirts and blouses, light pants or a summer skirt prevent the body from overheating. Fans and air conditioners should be used in the office if possible, as the heat from computers, printers or many people is particularly noticeable there.


If you work outdoors, you should wear a loose shirt with long sleeves. “Do not work with your upper body”, warns Wahl-Wachendorf. Because then the skin is exposed to intense UV radiation. In addition, a headgear should not be missing. “If possible with neck protection,” says Wahl-Wachendorf. Similarly, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Who can, should avoid the greatest heat or take a longer break in time.


Fight against the record heat! Simply build an air conditioning system yourself

At work, according to BAuA, one should always pay attention to his body signals in case of strong heat. If you feel unwell, have to deal with headaches, stomach problems or dizziness, you should go to cooler areas. Employers are also required to take action at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius to protect all employees from heat.

Heat Tip 4: Shower lukewarm before sleeping

If the heat persists at night, many people are struggling to fall asleep. The optimum temperature for sleeping is 18 degrees Celsius, but sometimes nights are significantly higher. Then it can help to take a lukewarm shower before going to sleep. This opens the pores, allowing excess body heat to escape. In addition, a few hours before bedtime, no cold drinks should be drunk, as they stimulate the formation of heat.


In line with this topic:

This helps with sleep problems

During the day you can also do something preventive for sleep: The best way to keep the room dark during the day with metal blinds, as they reflect the sun’s rays. To keep the bedroom cool during the night, you can also simply hang a damp sheet in front of the open window. As a result, the incoming air is cooled. A somewhat unconventional but effective tip: The bed linen during the day in the refrigerator or basement store, so it is nice and cool in the evening.


Here you can cool off on hot days in Berlin

Also this week it will be warm again in Berlin. 30 degrees and more. It does not have to be agony, on the contrary. You just have to know where the heat is best withstood. Where the summer is fun. We have selected the most beautiful places in the city for these temperatures – on and in the water, over the rooftops of the city, in the park or on the mountain.

Cool tips to keep you cool on hot days

The outdoor pool would be an optimal place now, but you have to go to the meeting? And that also still unausgeschlafen, because it was so cozy in the beer garden last night and in the apartment anyway too hot to sleep? If there is no or only a brief escape from hot offices and stuffy bedrooms, you can use these tips to help.


1st foot bath wrong

On cold winter days hot foot baths are a blessing. In offices that are more than 30 degrees warm, their cold colleagues do wonders: place a large bowl or bucket of cold water under your desk and bathe your feet in it. With this inconspicuous and effective anti-heat measure you are guaranteed to get a cool head immediately. Caution is advised if you are prone to cystitis. Then the refreshing bath should only be a short interlude. Alternatively, you can resort to cooling ankles, which are best placed in the refrigerator before use.


2. Water march

A splendid refreshment at your desk or on the way is a spray of the thermal water spray can. The head is immediately cooled and cared for the skin with the high-quality medicinal water. Thermal water sprays are available from various manufacturers in pharmacies, from the XXL bottle to mini sizes for the handbag. Cheaper and no less cooling is the spray from the water gun or spray bottle.


3. In the summer best sharp

… and eat lightly. Take a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads and fish. Carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and potatoes should be avoided at best. Spicy foods have a stimulating effect and help the body to better digest bacteria that settle quickly when exposed to heat.

4. You can cuddle in winter

After cuddly down comforters and soft terry pajamas, the meaning is understandably not in summer. For a good night’s sleep now makes the bed sheet without quilts better. However, without covering up, you should not sleep or give up a light cotton sleepshirt because you sweat at night and can catch cold easily. On hot nights a wet towel on the stomach helps to fall asleep and a hot water bottle with cold water on the feet.


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