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Tips that You cannot Ignore during the Exciting Orchid Photo Tour in China

Orchids tend to grow in the moist and tropical climate. The tropical part of China caters to this very requirement. If you are traveling to the deep mountain valleys, the delicate fragrance of orchids will make you soon. For any photographer in the world, the dancing heads of the orchids is a sight never to miss. This flower family exudes sheer elegance. If you go back to ancient China, there was a legendary orchid painter in Qing Dynasty. In modern times, nobody has the time and patience to spend days in the wild only to paint a picture. On the contrary, there is a great way to make things eternal. Photography is an easier tool.

Capturing wild orchids is different. You cannot put a flower in a room where the light gets in the most. You cannot put a preferable background. To put it briefly, you cannot create the frame. Things are as they are in the wild. As you are in China, the wonderland for orchids, you need to make the best out of this opportunity. While in orchid photo tour China, go through the following tips to get amazing shots of orchids.

Things to Understand beforehand

Before photographing the orchids, you must know how these flowers are great for manipulation. They have different smells, colors, and textures. It is easy to get mesmerized by the diverse lands covered with the different species of orchid. In fact, you can find them almost in every color except black. The tropical regions of China are the best places for catching the alluring flowers in their truest sense. You have to carry a DSLR camera for shooting the slipper orchids in the south and southwest Sichuan. Don’t forget to bring a wide-angle zoom lens and macro lens.  A small tripod and camera flashes are enough for a field day. Because the small flowers are all in macro focus and the flower alone gets an isolated effect.

Keep the Background in Mind

While framing the wild orchids, the background matters. If you keep the background is minimal, there is a perfect balance. The whole frame does not look distracting. It is better to carry cloth or sheet for retaining the focus in the main subject. If it is a dark-colored orchid, you should focus on a light-colored background. The plain background is easy to get by using autofocus. Of course, make sure the minuscule details like dust or wrinkles don’t appear.

Self-timer is not a Bad Option

When you are dealing with orchids out in the open, you are exposed to different weather conditions and circumstances. Hence, your camera may shake and the photos may get blurred. For this very reason, you can try self-timer. This is an easy way to keep the camera stabilized on any surface. Moreover, you can find visible difference between pictures taken by self-timer and manual mode.

Get all Professional and Use Macro

It is unthinkable to go for flower shooting and not use macro settings. Macro close-ups are the best way to capture the tiniest details. Do you see little spots on the orchids? Those very spots made the species so unique. And you can capture the beautiful yellow or red spots by using the macro setting. At this time, the tripod and self-timer help in the biggest way. After all, the slightest of movement can produce a blurry photo.

You can also apply the above-mentioned tips to shooting other wildflower flowers. In the meantime, make sure, you are comfortable with trying out different angles. You can also keep these suggestions in mind during the wildflower holidays.

Author bio: Dong Chu is a travel expert who has written numerous blog posts on how to backpack for wildflower holidays effortlessly. Here, he discusses a few tips for capturing orchids while touring with orchid photo tour China. 


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