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Virtual Assistant Training Services with High-quality Data

Cogito offers Virtual Assistant training services with high-quality training data sets gathered and summarized for AI-enabled virtual assistant training. It is providing natural language processing solution with annotated data sets to train the machines using the right algorithms to make the virtual assistant training possible with best level of accuracy.

Cogito Provides Following Virtual Assistant Training Services:

  • Customer engagement with from multiple digital channels
  • Wide platform compatibility with mobile, web and social
  • A fully natural conversation interaction experience
  • Providing the useful information of the questions
  • A virtually assisted fully automate customer interactions
  • Helps humans to reduce the assisted service workload
  • Virtual Assistant with complete customer satisfaction
  • Query solving with ability to engage more customers

Virtual Assistant Training

Cogito collect data from reliable source with data classification service to supply the high-quality training data sets for all types of companies looking to develop the virtual assistant devices. Cogito helps to integrate the NLP into the virtual assistant services training to make the machines learn how to answer the questions of humans in the natural ways. Cogito is known for providing the training data sets for machine learning and AI with high quality annotated data at low cost.



Cogito is the leader in providing best training data service for machine learning and AI-based projects. It is specialized in collecting, classifying, and enriching the training data sets for machine learning including AI-enabled applications like Chatbots, Image Annotation, Virtual Assistant and Visual Search etc. Cogito can capture and enrich a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image and video with flexible working models to deliver high-quality data sets with significant speed, accuracy at effective cost. Cogito works with dedicated team members using the smart technology and making results better at flexible pricing.

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