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Vivd Islamic Canvas Art

Have you been imagining Islamic art canvas adorning the walls of your home, being a visual expression of your faith? Have you been looking for Islamic canvas art for home? Well, then you are sure to come across many beautiful works of Islamic calligraphy on canvas. Islamic artcanvasis a relatively new interior decoration trend in which Islamic calligraphy is displayed in different colours on canvas. It can be seen in both art galleries as well as in online marketplaces. Specified often as ‘modern’ Islamic art, it consists of the use of digital technology for adding colours, changing sizesand printing on canvas. Even if there is no digital intervention (as in the case of an original painting), the use of canvas for calligraphy is a nevertheless a modern innovation.

Traditionally, Islamic wall art has comprised stitching the Arabictext with a golden thread on a black fabric, generally silk or velvet. The blend of golden and black is inspired by the hues of the fabric that covers the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. Classical Islamic wall art also includes wall carpetsmade in Turkey or India or Iran. These decorative wall carpetsare densely filled with floral motifs and patterns as well as elaborate borders. In the central area is neatly stitched Islamic calligraphy.

In the current era, people are innovating in Islamic art with the application of newmediums, materials and means of production. Two trends in particular are noticeable. The first is Islamic wall decals – these are stickers made of vinyl that can be directly stuck to the surface of the wall bypassing the requirement of framing. The decals come in many sizes, are low priced, and the focus is only on the calligraphy as there are no backgrounds.

The other new significant trend is colourful Islamic calligraphy on canvas – which was mentioned in the beginning of the write-up. In Islamic art canvas, colours and the rough texture of the canvas function as means to draw the attention of the viewer to the work of art, and more importantly, the text.

Colours are an important part of wall art as they are said to brighten up our spaces. The adage ‘add colour to your life’ suggests that a person should live his or her life with positivity and energy. These days, many people do up the walls of their homesin a shade that is not white. In most cases, one wall of a room is done in colour other than white, sometimes a dark or bright colour to produce the effect of contrast.

Agood number of home décor or art stores are now using colours and canvases for Islamic art.Islamic canvas art for home is now an important home décor category. It’s not unusual to come across several works of Islamic art canvas. Theartworks are made in a range of colours –green, blue, black, white, red, purple, pink, etc. Some works are in one shade, othersin multiple hues. The shades of calligraphy and the background contrast each other in order to highlight the text. After all, in the world of Islamic calligraphy, the message is of paramount importance.


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