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Wedding Planning Tips for People Who are on a Tight Budget

There is a saying that a “5-star weddings don’t promise a happy marriage!” However, young brides who have their heads filled with senseless romantic ideas collected from romantic novels and movies – might not understand this really simple point! An Italian wedding on a budget, particularly when the recession is going on, isn’t such a bad thing at all.

You need to reason with yourself on this. Instead of wasting away all your hard-earned cash and that of your dad’s as for a wedding reception whose during will only be of 4 hours and then become lost within a photo album for the rest of your life, won’t it sound more sensible if you took that money and invested it into future savings? Finally, we are surviving in a troubled economy at the moment.

Let me now communicate a few compact tips on event wedding arrangement on a budget or limited budget plan wedding.

Budget tip No. 1

Instead of going for a Cadillac or a stretch limo or some other kind of luxury car, consider using your own car or borrow your relative or friend’s luxury car. This will help you save a lot of money.

Budget tip No. 2

Most women tend to spend extravagantly while picking out a wedding reception card. While a wedding invite needs to be elegant, beautiful, and tasteful, they need not essentially be immensely priced! You can look for on the internet for gorgeous budget wedding cards and take out print yourself, only as many as you want!

Allot one card/family. If you have a creative bent of mind and if possible, you can design your cards yourself. No gesture will be considered more personal than this, and these handmade cards would give your wedding a personalized touch.

Budget tip No. 3

A great number of families order 5 to 6 different sorts of meat preparations along with prawn and fish and 3 to 4 types of dessert products on the menu of  Italian weddings on a budget. They have continental, Indian,  Chinese, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines. This gets you praise and heavy duty pretension, but it also gives rise to a lot of pointless wastage of food as no one can benefit from this much food in a single ceremony!




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