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What Are The Important Places To Visit During Umrah In Makkah?

Are you going to Makkah for performing Umrah and you are excited about this journey? Umrah is a very precious journey for the Muslims and there are many sentimental places in Makkah that you must visit. People called them ziyarats because of their historical importance. This word is used for showing the importance of significant places that belong to religious history. Makkah is the central place where all the Muslims of the world gather together for performing Hajj and Umrah by getting Umrah packages. There are many places in Makkah that you must visit once in your life during your journey otherwise your journey will leave incomplete. If you want to visit these places then you have to take Umrah package. The travel agency will help you to see all these places and you will get to know about the history.

  • The Holy Mosque

The main attraction for the Muslims is the holy mosque because they perform Hajj and Umrah there. Kabbah is in this mosque so you will visit this mosque for performing the essentials of Umrah. This mosque hosts all the Muslims of the world who come here and this mosque is always filled with people. You must take the Umrah packages for visiting this place.

  • Cave of Hira

This place is very important for the Muslims around the world because this is the place where the prophet (PBUH) received the revelations of Islam.  He (PBUH) used to visit this cave for getting peace and for connecting with Allah.  This is the place where the angel of Allah Jabriel came and the process of revelations started.

  • The birthplace of Prophet (PBUH)

When you will take the Umrah package, the travel agency will definitely take you to the birthplace of Prophet (PBUH). This place is now a library and most of the visitors are not aware of this information. If you want to see the place where Prophet (PBUH) grew up then must visit this place.

  • House of Abu Bakar (dearest friend of Prophet (PBUH)

If you will visit Makkah then you must go the see the house of Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) because he was the most important person in the life of Prophet (PBUH).

  • Mountain of Arafat

Many Muslims go to visit this mountain during Hajj but if you are going on Umrah then included this place in your Umrah package.

  • Cave Suhr

This cave is very significant in the history of Islam and you will never be able to complete your visit to Makkah if you will not go to see this place. This is the cave where Prophet (SAW) and his friend Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) spent a night before leaving for Madinah. You must add this place in your sightseeing list in Umrah packages 2019.

  • The Mosque of Aisha

This mosque is the second largest mosque in the world that is why; it is very important. This mosque is made on the name of Hazrat Aisha (R.A) who was the wife of Prophet (SAW).


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