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What is a Good Video Annotation Tool?

You can find many companies offering video annotation tool for annotating the videos and its contents. Finding the good one is difficult until and unless you try them personally and use the functions available therein for video annotation.

And these tools are not freely available, hence it is not possible for anyone to get the paid subscriptions of using the video annotation tool or purchase the entire software with hefty amount spend on such annotation tool.

Free Video Annotation Tool

If you are looking for free video annotation tool, TurboNote, Timelinely  and ReClipped are few online freely available video annotation tools you can use for non-commercial use where you need to compromise with quality, as they offer the limited functions and in-built tools to annotate the videos and contents on such audiovisual files. While on the other hand, Cogito like company use the software to annotate such files and images for more accurate results.

video annotation

Other Video Annotation Tools

While on the other hand paid tools and software are also available in the market that can give you video annotation options with better quality results. If you can pay the hefty amount of subscription to get such tools its ok, but if you are looking to get the best video annotation at low cost, then you need to hire a professional service provider to do this job at low cost.

How to Get best Video Annotation Service?  

If you appoint a professional annotation service provider you will get a low-cost annotation with round-the-clock support service to assist you or modify the change as per your needs. Cogito is one of the well-known image annotation service provider that annotate pictures and videos as per the requirements and budget of the clients from various industries like Automobile, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Agriculture and other sectors looking for annotation service.



Cogito is the leader in providing best training data service for machine learning and AI-based projects. It is specialized in collecting, classifying, and enriching the training data sets for machine learning including AI-enabled applications like Chatbots, Image Annotation, Virtual Assistant and Visual Search etc. Cogito can capture and enrich a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image and video with flexible working models to deliver high-quality data sets with significant speed, accuracy at effective cost. Cogito works with dedicated team members using the smart technology and making results better at flexible pricing.

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