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What Is The Best Node.js Development Company?

With the growing popularity of high advance JS frameworks for both front and backend development, Node.JS developer has become a choice for creating a robust backend, and therefore need for Hiring Node.js Development company has grown more than ever.


Always choosing the right or wrong backend technology for your next web project can either make or break your chances of success. So, you can choose any backend framework but they all come with their own set of pros and cons but if you want to develop a highly responsive website or mainly a robust mobile app or chatbot, then NodeJS is the way to go. Node.js is basically a server-side technology which enables developers to write the server code using JavaScript itself, and Javascript is something that is known to most developers and even a front-end developer can scale up to do the backend part also using node.js.


Node.js is a server technology mainly used to build and run web applications, similar to what ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails or Spring Framework does, but it is more popular because of always being lightweight, having inbuilt support for object DB, easy to host and reuse, and on the top of that it is comparatively easier for an existing web developer to transition towards node.js.


Now, following are the top reasons for using Node.js and for Hiring  Node.js Development company:-


1. Uses JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development

It is always seen that most front-end web developers are familiar with JavaScript, it is pretty easier for them to learn NodeJS and write the backend code in their favorite scripting language. It also reduces the overall development costs and developers won’t have to learn a new programming language.


2. Node Package Manager

Both client and server side Node modules are available and best of all most of them are actively maintained.


3. Build fast real-time applications

NodeJS mainly uses an event-driven, non-blocking model which allows it to handle large server requests using minimal resources at once. So, therefore, if your web application will make a lot of server requests, then NodeJS is your key to success.


4. Active community

NodeJS is mainly maintained by open source community which means regular updates, bug fixes, and improved performance after every update. You can also seek help if you face any technical issue.


5. Supports agile development

Agile development is one of the most popular and widely adopted SDLC models. It facilitates fast development process by developing an MVP product with core functionality first and then iteratively introducing additional features later.


That’s all about the benefits of choosing node.js developer, and hiring node.js development company.


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