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What you seek for your child in A CBSE Affiliated School in Noida

Choosing a good school is the most important step towards the success of your child. The curriculum, the staff, the campus, and the basic facilities jointly make a school adaptable for a child who is placing his first step into the outer world. Schools are mediators between the child and the world. They play a crucial role in making a child a successful person and above all a true human being. To meet the needs of this competitive world, CBSE affiliated schools in Noida offer you a good choice for your ward in many ways.

Curriculum: The schools as discussed earlier are affiliated to the CBSE and therefore the curriculum is designed to fulfill the needs of CBSE which is totally in alienation with the syllabus of the competitive exams like IIT-JEE. Designed to meet the need for overall development, the curriculum contains various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Thus, the overall curriculum provides academic, mental as well as physical development of a child.

Academic Curriculum: The academic curriculum is designed keeping the educational needs of students in mind. This not only helps students to learn but also to cope up with the needs of this highly professional world. Learn by fun methods are inculcated for younger kids so as to increase their knowledge and attention.

Co-curricular Activities: Co-curricular activities help students learn things easily. Activities are selected in such a manner that they can give maximum knowledge to the students.

Extra-curricular activities: Every school provides extra-curricular activities to help their students groom.

Supportive team: The backbone of any institution is its workforce which should be well trained and qualified. In the case of CBSE schools, the workforce includes teachers and other office workers.

A well-maintained team of qualified, trained and experienced teachers makes it a success providing institution. The teachers not only provide education but guide students for their better personal and professional life.

The other office and maintenance staff helps to run the institution softly by supporting parents and children for non-academic works.

Campus: A well-maintained school campus shows the sincerity of the management. A school campus should have all the required places needed to run the school such as:

Classrooms: Smart class and traditional classrooms provide students the means to grab the knowledge easily!

Good information and reference centers: A well maintained digital and traditional library serves students to provide loads of knowledge.

Sport-area: A spacious play area for indoor and outdoor sports is an essential part of a school campus to provide students with growth.

Canteen: the area where students can learn table manners and enjoy community eating.

Inculcating Values: ‘Inculcating values in students’ has become the most crucial aspect of education nowadays. In this digital area, students are inclining more towards digital relations and online/social media friends. They are losing the actual relationships and therefore making them aware of humanity, values and morality is a big challenge. Schools are making their way towards getting the problems solved through various celebrations and functions in which students take part and learn sportsmanship, realize the value of friendship and blood-relations.

By affiliating to the CBSE schools are giving better education to the students in various parts of the nation. The CBSE Schools in Greater Noida are also fulfilling the need of good schools in the area.



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