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White wash What helps against the gray haze

After just a few washes, the new shirt, the new blouse shows dull gray instead of bright white? Home remedies, special products and heavy-duty detergents should help. But what means of bright grayish effective? test puts the sample to the test – and answers the most important questions about the greybeard.

From the radiant white to the sad gray

The frustration comes quickly. After just a few washes, the bright white of the blouse, shirt and pants turns into a sad gray. How come? During washing, the smallest dirt particles get stuck in the fabric. Poor or too low-dosed detergents only insufficiently retain loosened dirt in the wash liquor. So he can raise again on the textile fibers, instead of flushing with the rinse water. The more dirt is gradually deposited on the white shirt, the more clearly shows the “horror” – often after a few washes. Even colored textiles in the drum discolor white and make it look gray.


Advice from the internet in the practical test

What to do? Tips in Internet forums such as, and recommend baking soda and lemons against the horror. Even laundry white wipes and bleaching should provide for the provider for a brilliant power or super white. We have examined the bearers of hope by way of example, using a standardized test detergent against dirty gray. Even a good commercial heavy duty detergent had to show if it was not only clean, but also washes white. Conclusion: If dirt has settled correctly in the laundry, it is difficult to get the Ergraute white again.

Lemon and citric acid make gray laundry white again – is that right?


White linen special

Lemon, citric acid and baking soda bring the laundry no brilliant white. A good detergent powder washes everything best.

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Recommended in Internet forums, checked by us. We put a bag of lemon slices along with dirty gray textiles in the washing machine drum and washed it at 60 degrees with the test detergent. Result: no clean white, not even a clean lemon fragrance. The desired success was missing, the laundry gray. Second try. This time, we soak the textiles with citric acid (12 grams of powder per liter) in 60-degree water in a vat for one hour. Then they came back in the machine. A benefit was barely visible. Too little for the effort.


Is baking soda the better recipe?

No. Two bags of baking powder filled with test detergent and textiles into the machine, provided no measurable whitening and clean effect. The vat recipe did not work much better: soaking in hot water with baking soda (one packet per liter) followed by washing in the machine barely made things cleaner. Brilliant white did not come out either. Remains the conclusion: Lemons and baking soda fit better with the cake than with the laundry.


Do chlorine-containing cleaning agents offer an alternative?

Chlorine cleaners have a bleaching effect. But we did not test it consciously. The reason: during soaking and in the washing machine, organochlorine compounds form. They burden the waters unnecessarily and are therefore undesirable from an ecological point of view.


How do laundry-white-towels work?

The optical brighteners contained in laundry-white-cloths lie down on the textiles during the washing. They stick to it and create a particularly bright white through an optical illusion. They do not solve the basic problem. The dirt stays in the fibers.


Wash white laundry properly

Sort by. Only put white into the machine drum with white laundry. Wash extremely dirty or even oily and greasy laundry separately.

Choose. Use a good detergent powder – provided the textiles are suitable. It washes extra clean with surfactants and enzymes, brightens the fabric with bleach and brighteners. Liquid heavy-duty detergents usually wash worse, rather pollute the environment (see liquid detergent from test 02/2012), make white look rather gray.

Dosing. Follow the instructions on the packaging. They inform you about how much detergent is necessary for which water hardness, soiling and amount of laundry.


Bleaching. 60 degrees are usually enough. Thus, the bleaching against stains optimally. Wash sensitive fabrics colder. Otherwise the fibers can suffer. Follow the care instructions in the laundry label.

Discolor. Special decolorizers can help when white is gray due to color transfer. Soak according to instructions, then wash with heavy duty detergent.


Get white laundry white again

How to remove stains from white clothing and wash and care for white laundry so it does not stain? Here are some handy tips.

You do not need to be a lingerie expert to know that white clothes will discolour if they are washed often, as they are especially prone to accepting other colors. However, if you wash and care for them properly, your clothes can stay white and radiant in the long term. You ask yourself: “How do I get white laundry white again?” Whether you want to bleach white clothes or remove blotches from white clothing, the following tips will make your white clothes look white and look like new.


How to wash white laundry

Step 1:

Sort your clothesIt is important to do white laundry of dark or colored laundry before you wash them, as discoloration often results from darker clothes giving off their color. Also, avoid washing sensitive white clothing with heavily soiled clothing such as mud-smeared T-shirts, as the dirt clings to the lighter clothing – no matter how much detergent you use.

Step 2:

Wash different fabrics separately. White clothing Lint and Attracting fibers from other clothes, it is important to sort your white linen by fabric types. Towels and sheets can be washed in one load, cotton and linen in another. So you do not have to worry about different wash temperatures or dryer cycles. Removing stains from white clothesIt is not always easy to remove stains and there is no method that promises 100% success. It always depends on the individual spot and the material. If you want to remove stains from white clothing, remember that you should do this as soon as possible.


Because the faster you act, the better the result. Follow these four simple steps to remove stains from white clothing:

Scrape off visible dirt. Dab liquids with a cloth. Start on the outside and then dab it on the inside. Pour some Coral Universal + or other high-quality liquid detergent on the stain and dab it with a light colored cloth. Leave the garment in for about 15 minutes Soak it in a suitable wash. Remove stubborn stains from white clothing. More stubborn stains require a little more attention if you want to get your white linen white again.


Soak the garment in warm water before washing and try the following methods before washing the garment with a high-quality detergent in the washing machine:

Put some soda powder on the stain and dab it with a damp, light-colored cloth. If present, dab the stain with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Diluted hydrogen peroxide solutions are available in some pharmacies, hardware stores and barber shops. Dab the stain with some vinegar essence and then wash the garment as usual.


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